Chinx Murder Suspect — Attended His Funeral Too! | Real Life ‘Roland Bishop’ | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY — C’mon, who could forget the infamous Juice scene when Roland Bishop hugged Raheem Porter‘s mom right after he gunned Porter down like a rabid dog in front of friends Quincy “Q” Powell and Eric “Steel” Thurman. It was a moment in black cinema that we’d never seen before, and it displayed to us for the first time how real the thin line between love and hate is. Well, there is an authentic ‘Roland Bishop’ in real life ya’ll . . . and his name is Quincy Homere. Yes, as you see . . . it’s real in the field! […]

Wazzup Xclusive | Chinx “Legends Never Die” | @ChinxMusic

Chinx “Legends Never Die” New York, New York – To put greatness in context, we must first define “A Legend”!  Legend (adv) = describes a person who embodies important social aspects with a persona that inspires.  Without question,  Legend is a fitting title for the late Queen rapper! Earlier this week, we were treated to the second posthumous album from Chinx, Legends Never Die!  A great collection of what makes the Coke Boyz member such a staple in the hip-hop World.   A true talent taken way too early!  Nevertheless, we can rest assure that Chinx will forever live on through music! Chinx first lp Welcome to […]