New York, New York – From Lexington Kentucky, to the big screens of Hollywood, it seems everything Tinashe touches these days, turn to gold. The beautiful songstress has established herself as a powerful force to be reckoned with in the industry! Since bursting on the scene in 2014 with the Aquarius mixtape, Tinashe has garnered numerous award nominations (Bet Awards = Best New Artist) and a platinum plaque for her  2014 smash hit, “2 ON.” Well ladies and gentlemen, Tinashe serves center court with the backdrop for her upcoming lp, Joyride with a blazing hot track, “Flame”! Folks, ya best believe the reading on the thermostat, the temperature is sure to rise with this epic hit. The visuals alone takes viewers on a odyssey thats sure to set index levels on a epidemic wildfire worldwide.
The visuals feature Tinashe in what seems to be the story book relationship. Tinashe is boo’d up with her companion, enjoying the simple pleasures that come with building with that special someone. As many have experienced, but few have accomplished; it takes two to tangle in bliss.  The flame in a relationship must burn at both ends of the stick! What often happens in a relationship is one of the two individuals burn with an intense flame, while the other’s flicker has burned out. Tinashe goes to the depths of the earth to paint the reality of hurt and despair; but quickly realize the writing is on the wall.  How do you pick up the pieces?
Tinashe washes away the hurt and pain by watching her flame burn the precious memories of the relationship. Literally! The house goes up in smoke as Tinashe dances seductively in the foreground. What a concept! Remember, Tinashe told all the “Players” to keep up in her smash hit with Chris Brown. That was then, and this is now, and the game is LOVE. Talking about a wild twist of fate; if “Flame” is any indication of what to expect on the anticipated “Joyride” lp, we are in for a treat folks~Renzo

Tinashe 1

Ooh, ooh
Cold in the night when I hold you close
Ooh, ooh
Searching your eyes, but you’re gone like a ghost

And I say “baby, you can put it on me”
‘Cause I know I don’t make it easy
My body hurts with every heart beat
Just say I’m not the only one

C’mon, tell me that you’ve still got the flame for me
And tell me that you still want to stay, don’t leave
Even though I’ve never given up in my heart
Even though a part, a part of me don’t work
Baby, tell me that you’ve still got the flame for me
And we can let it burn
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh



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