New York, New York – Stop the Freakin Press! I got a call from Texas earlier this week regarding an alleged diss track from Hot Boy Turk aimed at the infamous Kim Kardashian. After confirming the story, I couldn’t help but to wonder what all transpired to cause this outcome? Hmmmmm, maybe there is some brewing beef, or a long track record of hostility towards the Social Icon, or her Husband Kanye West! I have no idea, but Turk brings attention to the part of Kim’s anatomy that many would argue; just don’t quite match well. In the song, “Big Bird”, Turk continuously draws attention to this assumption by stating, “Legs don’t Match“! Those are some pretty powerful words that lead inquiring minds to wonder about the amount of plastic surgery or lack thereof! Let’s set the record straight, I am in no ways implying that Kim Kardashian has been under the knife, but millions of women across the globe desire to mimic her physical appearance.
The fixation with a small waist and big ASS, has grown to epic proportions. Sir Mix-a-Lot said it best, “Don’t Want None, If Ya Don’t Have Buns Hun”! Amen! I love a 2-piece, fries, and a biscuit myself. Well, for Hot Boy Turk, he has had it with the whole craze and wrote a song about it! I can’t wait to see the reaction from Kanye West! This isn’t the first time Turk went in on Kim, just a few months back he made a youtube video questioning the validity of the robbery heist in Paris. Just might be a situation, but Hey, I’m not the one to gossip~ So You didn’t hear that sh*t from Me~ Renzo

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Turk Take on Kim Kardashian Robbery
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