Los Angeles, CA – Donald trump appears arrogant, some might even say ignorant. Grabbing at everything but a book, blaming everyone (Barry) but himself, failing to adapt to a joke that just went.. too far– now he’s President Trump.
Let’s talk about what this means for the country. Yes, Donald Trump seems feeble-minded. Constantly attempting to LOOK like he’s making moves.. instead of actually moving. Trying to appear to be making  progress instead of putting the put-put game to the side and actually making progress. Going through the motions for the attention instead working diligently for positive results. Desiring to be everywhere but the white house. But that’s the President. Will it get better? The optimist in me says yes. The realist in me says probably not. So for now, let’s just say “maybe”. But it’s one of those “maybe’s” you text someone when they ask if you want to hang out. Basically, NO.
With all that being said, Donald Trump doesn’t worry me. Not even a little. Reason being, he’s simply the mascot. We don’t blame the mascot for the team losing. We blame the coach, the guard, the catcher, the pitcher, the quarterback, the nickel back… or something like that. You get the gist.
The people I am worried about are the ones we don’t see. The ones who are in positions of power and will be in those positions long after Donald Trump is gone. Zero accountability, zero blame, nameless, faceless. We see Donald. So we blame Donald. Next time, look behind Donald. See all the people nodding their heads, agreeing, co signing, approving, defending, and standing for Donald and his idiotic approach to: social media, presidency, personal relationships, media, just life in general.
Donny seems to be the “look over there” in the “look over there while I do something sneaky over here” trick.
I used to think so badly about Don because I was disappointed in how we were beginning to look to the rest of the world. Such an inaccurate portrayal, I felt. Many foreigners didn’t like America, but now they’re laughing at America.
Then I took a step back & looked at the whole team.
The millions who voted for him.
The people who still support him today.
The people in powerful positions who stand by him.
This is not an inaccurate portrayal of America. This is America.
Where black boys question whether they will become black men.
Where black girls disappear, and no one turns over a leaf.
Where being melanated is a crime, but the biggest criminals write the rules.
This is America.
Trump is accurately representing a side of America… unfortunately.
Our next steps will be our most important ones.
Causing change.
Creating leaders.
Developing our youth.
Mentoring the next.. so they can mentor the next.
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