#Jelenaisback | Gomez And Bieber Officially A Couple Again | @wazzuptonight

Los Angeles, CA — The individual with the most IG followers in the world, Selena Gomez (with a staggering 130 million followers!), is reportedly back together with the 9th most followed person on IG, Mr. Justin Bieber (who has 93.6 million followers). ‘Jelena’ (the couple’s nickname; Justin + Selena = Jelena) made it crystal clear that they are again an item, as they exhibited public displays of affection at a Los Angeles ice rink on Wednesday. In several photos (that have now gone viral), the “Fetish” songstress is seen giving J-Beebs a juicy kiss as he skates up to greet […]


Cause it’s levels to this sh*t—oh Lord! (Meek Mill voice) Assuredly there are levels to everything in life, friendships included. You have your pretend friends – people that can’t stand your guts but act like your friend due to ulterior motives. Then there’s your regular friends – friends that are more so acquaintances or colleagues but ya’ll try to front like the relationship is more than that. Last but not least, there’s best friends – Forrest and Bubba status! Zack and Screech type sh*t! Your bff, your dog, your ace boon coon, your ride or die, your brother from another mother, […]


If you said “YES” to the proposed question “Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?”, then you’ll probably end up like my man in the above photo! To keep it one hunnit, in society there’s always been an underlining competition between males and females. In earlier times especially (and even still in many foreign countries), males persisted in exerting superiority by doing things such as keeping women out of powerful high-ranking positions (e.g. President of a country, CEO of a corporation, etc) and not allowing women to vote. Women on the other hand, have had to literally fight to rise above suppression, injustice, discrimination, and […]

Mariah Lynn Escapes A Potential Beatdown From Bri | DreamDoll “Saves” The Day! | #LHHNY

New York, New York — For all of you that think reality TV is fake and far from actual reality… you might want to check out the above footage! Love & Hip Hop (the franchise) is renowned for it’s drama, ratchetness and variety of personal beefs. Weekly, viewers tune in to the show solely to see #LHH cast members argue and throw things at one another e.g. drinks, shoes, fists, the kitchen sink, whatever’s clever! Although, evidently some of those “television beefs” are in fact genuine and from the tube spill over into the actual streets. The beef between Love […]


Most of us have lost our car in a crowded parking lot before. Whether at a ball game, concert, or theme park, following exiting we’ve scoured the congested parking lot in search of our beloved vehicle yet to no avail. What usually ensues is much profanity, stomping off the feet, and prayer to the Holy Father to prevent oneself from kicking other people’s car doors. After some time, you began to feel fatigued; then you take periodic breaks to gather your strength and patience back. Then, that ultimate paranoid thought enters into your mind – “Awww man, I think someone done […]

CAN EXES BE FRIENDS? | @wazzuptonight

Most of us would tell our ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends to “talk to the hand”, if they were to suggest remaining friends after a break up. “Negro please!”, “HAAAAAA!!”, “Uh, how bout – no”, “F*ck outta here”, “Somebody done told you wrong” – would be characteristic responses to such a blasphemous request. Personally, it’d be hard enough not to choke an ex-girlfriend if/when I saw her let alone be her buddy! (yes Nicole I’m talking about you) Break up’s are probably the hardest thing to deal with in life, with break-uppers and break-upee’s harnessing an array of emotions ranging from guilt […]


You would swear most school-aged children (ages 6–13 years) were allergic to water, considering how they will not and do not wash themselves unless you make them. After considerable yelling or/and threats of lodging your foot up their rectum, some kids even go as far as getting into a bath or shower to rinse off yet never apply soap to any region of their grubby body! Eh let’s not solely discredit kids, for all of us adults know that one person at the job who’s BO (body order) is so bad that you literally hold your breath whenever they pass by […]


Los Angeles, CA – I guess Nicki Minaj and DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club didn’t get the memo regarding Trey “Trigga” Songz – and the memo says that Trigga Trey ain’t nothin’ light!! In an interview on 105.1 FM today, R&B/Hip Hop superstar Trey Songz expressed his thoughts about Minaj recently coming for his head on Twitter concerning Remy Ma‘s accusation on “Shether” of Nicki and Trey engaging in sexual intercourse several years back. Recap: After “Shether” was released, the next day Trey Songz responded to Remy’s allegation of him sleeping with Nicki Minaj. “Even when you stay out of the way […]

SXSW Preview | Wazzup Tonight Crew Descend on Austin Texas Entertainment Weekend Pt. 2 | @wazzuptonight

  Austin, TX – As WAZZUP Tonight‘s Senior Executive Chief Editor, Lamont “Renzo” Bracy, so elegantly put it – SXSW 2017 was the motherbleeping place to be this year!! Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world graced the Austin downtown streets for potentially the biggest turnout in South by Southwest history. The women in attendance were sex-a-licous, the guys were fly to def’, and the POPO (aka police) were chilling like film villains!! Between Music Festival Showcases, Film Festival Screenings, Speakers, Featured Sessions, SXSW Gaming, the Comedy Festival, the SXSW Awards, Exhibitions, Lounges & Special Events, etc., there […]


Surely by now we have all seen the BBC interview that recently went viral, where the babies walk in and interrupt the dad on a live BBC World broadcast. Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed live on BBC News about South Korea, when out of nowhere his toddler and infant (who moseyed in merrily in a walker) busted into the room to come hang out with daddy. That’s hysterical but the funniest part of the unforeseen ordeal – was Kelly’s wife! Several seconds after the two kids unconsciously intruded upon the interview, you see Kelly’s wife frantically storm into the room […]