Los Angeles, CA – Everyone has their eyes peeled on Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma as a result of their latest rap beef/battle. Fellow female rappers Foxy Brown and Khia even snagged some of our attention by throwing a little gas onto Remy and Nicki’s fire. Brooklyn rapper Young M.A. is also making waves and putting on for the female hip hop culture. In the midst of all of this lies an upcoming rapper working fiercely, training, hungry, eyes on the prize ready to snatch that championship title away and sport the belt Clubber Lang style! That rapper is Talia Sagginario – better known to the world as Tally.
Tally is a 17 year old multi-talented rapper, songwriter, musician and actress from Nashville. At the age of 16 Tally auditioned for Season 2 of Lifetime‘s “The Rap Game” (produced by Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah), in which she competed with six other artists. After the first episode Tally was sent home, though all that did was awake the sleeping GIANT! Tally brushed it off, and pushed forward harder than ever continuing to release music and YouTube videos. Due to popular demand, Tally was given a chance to redeem herself and was personally brought back by Dupri to compete on Season 3 of “The Rap Game”. With only a couple weeks remaining in Season 3, Tally is headed into round 12 determined to KO her competitors and secure a So So Def recording contract and chain.
In crunchtime and extremely busy, Tally took time from her intensive schedule to sit down with WAZZUP Tonight to discuss “The Rap Game” and her awe-inspiring journey in the world of hip hop.


WAZZUP Tonight (WT): Thank you so much for joining us Tally! It is truly an honor.
Tally: Aww thank you guys so much for having me!! 🙂
WT: First thing first, we are going to set the record straight. As a result of your looks, consequently many a time you have been compared to female rapper Iggy Azalea (with a bystander even screaming “Iggy!” at you while you were doing a photo shoot on “The Rap Game”) – though in reality you are not even white, you are LATINA! What is your actual descent (e.g. Puerto Rican, Colombian, etc) and do you happen to speak Spanish fluently?
Tally: First things first, thank you for asking and letting me set the record straight! I am a proud Latina. Both of my parents were born in the United States however, my Dad’s family is Puerto Rican and Mexican. My mom’s parents are both immigrants who’s families come from Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I love learning and speaking Spanish. I am currently working on becoming fluent but I’m not there yet.
WT: Tally you may or may not be aware of this, but you are a historical figure! To date, you are the first and only artist to compete on two seasons of Jermaine Dupri’s reality TV series “The Rap Game”. Jermaine asked you to come back on the show this season (Season 3) after you didn’t make the cut last season (Season 2). Jermaine said that due to popular demand, he listened to the fans & decided to ask you back on the show. Something about you captured the hearts of the show’s viewers, what do you think it was?
Tally: Wow….That’s pretty cool, thanks for pointing that out. I do think it’s dope that I’m a part of two seasons with two very different experiences! The fans surprised me with how supportive they were after only being on one episode of Season 2. I definitely felt grateful and inspired to be a part of Season 3 because of the fans. I think the viewers connected with my excitement and hunger on the first episode of Season 2. I also think the viewers felt I didn’t get a fair shot because I was sent home early and would have liked to see me compete through the challenges.

WT: Your sister, Jasmine, is also your manager. It appears that you two are super duper close and love each other more than anything :’-) On the flip side, we know in some cases mixing family & business together is like mixing Tylenol with alcohol – HAZARDOUS! How is it you and Jasmine are successful in separating your business relationship from your personal relationship, and not allowing one to jeopardize the other?
Tally: Jasmine is my “manager” on the show but in “real life” Jasmine is a singer/songwriter who I am in a group with. We have been working together since I was 12 years old (embarrassing YouTube videos to prove it!). Even though music is a big part of our lives, we personally love having fun and doing “girly” things together. Some of our favorite things we like to do that don’t involve “serious business” are…1) Getting our nails done 2) Going out to eat 3) Watching movies and TV (Hello….The Bachelor) 4) Having “girl talk” while editing our Instagram pics. So basically when we are not writing or recording, we are having a “slumber party”.

WT: 4. At one point during Episode 7 this season, the contestants and their managers came back to the house only to discover – that you and Jasmine evidently disappeared! You two had packed up your bags and were gone, M.I.A., outty 5000, bounced, vamoosed, chucked the deuces on em. The next day, you and Jasmine came back to stay at the house. The two of you informed everyone, that the reason you left was because your dad made you. What was it that triggered your dad and ultimately led to him ordering you home pronto?
Tally: Our dad is actually our manager, and a very smart business man. ALL we can say is that he always has our backs and everything worked out 😉
WT: Got’cha, we’ll drop that hot potato lol! Aside from music Tally, you too have landed lead roles in several school plays and developed an immense passion for acting. Are you currently in talks or scheduled to appear as an actress in any upcoming feature films or television shows?
Tally: Yes, I am working on some potential television opportunities. I love acting and can’t wait to share this passion with my fans!!
WT: Tally it was an absolute pleasure interviewing you! Before you leave, please inform us when your new music is dropping so we can go cop dat.
Tally: I just want to say this was one of my favorite interviews! Thank you WAZZUP Tonight for your support and ya’ll make sure to “stalk” me on social media because I’m releasing new music real soon 😉 IG- @Tallyraps Twitter- @Tallyraps Website- www.tallyofficial.com YouTube- URL Youtube.com/Jasminemusicvip (Name is Jaz&Tally)

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