If you said “YES” to the proposed question “Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?”, then you’ll probably end up like my man in the above photo! To keep it one hunnit, in society there’s always been an underlining competition between males and females. In earlier times especially (and even still in many foreign countries), males persisted in exerting superiority by doing things such as keeping women out of powerful high-ranking positions (e.g. President of a country, CEO of a corporation, etc) and not allowing women to vote. Women on the other hand, have had to literally fight to rise above suppression, injustice, discrimination, and […]


Most of us have lost our car in a crowded parking lot before. Whether at a ball game, concert, or theme park, following exiting we’ve scoured the congested parking lot in search of our beloved vehicle yet to no avail. What usually ensues is much profanity, stomping off the feet, and prayer to the Holy Father to prevent oneself from kicking other people’s car doors. After some time, you began to feel fatigued; then you take periodic breaks to gather your strength and patience back. Then, that ultimate paranoid thought enters into your mind – “Awww man, I think someone done […]

Peter Jackson – Married To Success |@wazzuptonight

        The Project feature’s his first single “On A Wave” that cracked the Top 30 At CHR Radio in Canada, & was #1 On Billboard Canada CHR/Top 40 New & Active Charts. Married To Success also features guest appearances from some of Hip-Hop’s biggest names Tory Lanez, Maino, Zoey Dollaz, Riff Raff, & Chrissy Spratt. With production coming from Grammy Award Winner DJ Swivel who most recently won a Grammy in 2017 for his work on The Chainsmokers album, & DJ Marley Waters who is responsible for Tinashe’s Platinum Single ‘2 on’, & singles with Young Thug, Lil Wayne, Wyclef and more!   Peter […]

Brandon Tory Releases “They Want Me To Win” feat. 24hrs | @Wazzuptonight

    Brandon Tory is a vocalist/songwriter born and raised in Massachusetts. After relocating to Atlanta for some years to earn his chops as an artist, he eventually made the move to LA. Using the new environment and energy around him, Brandon Tory has made some of his best work to date. In 2014 Brandon, released “Movie Star Bad” which captured the attention of legendary music producer Timbaland. After sharing music and ideas with Timbaland in the studio, Brandon Tory created a fresh vision for his music. Less than a twelvemonth later, in 2015, Brandon Tory released his debut mixtape […]

Wazzup Exclusive: Random Tanner “Long Days Late Nights” on Spotify | @RandomTanner1

Iowa resident and artist Random Tanner (RT) has been in the game for over a decade. After linking up with DJ K Yung who now manages him and new label MidSouth Muzik his new rebrand has brought in more than just a new name. After changing his name from Skeez to RT, he’s been producing and promoting almost a show a week for over 4 months nonstop. It was time to drop a new single under his new name and record label. The beat was re-done by Don Cruise of MSM and features underground house hold name Jelly Roll and Orlando’s Jon Young. The song is a […]

Eddy Fish Is Tired Of These “Imaginary Hustlerz” | @Wazzuptonight

      BOSTON, MA – September 12, 2017, // Eddy Fish aka “The Fisherman” gained notoriety from being one of the biggest drug distributors in Boston, with the best product, at a great price. As he gears up to release his upcoming project titled Real N*ggas Know 2, the 20-something-year-old rapper, wants something to be clear. Mr. Fish can spot a fake from a mile away. Fake jewelry, fake products and Fake people and NOTHING about him is Fake. This sparked his “Imaginary Hustlerz”freestyle rapped over JayZ’s “Where I’m From”.

Laroche Releases I’m Doing Me

      Love is a crazy thing that can really impact your life. Many people leave relationships with their head spinning. Laroche decided that he knew the best way to handle his heartbreak was turning to lyrics and music. Not only do his lyrics help him heal, but they resonate with many who have felt love and loss.   Laroche’s music is heavily influenced by impactful moments in life. Although he is generally a very private person, Laroche decided to share his experiences through song as a way to heal from his heartbreak.   Recently, Laroche released several remixes […]

Ronnie Diez and Soulja Boy Releases “So Crazy” | Wazzuptonight

Dallas Tx- Haven’t we all experienced it in one way or another? The crazy ex from a relationship, or even a friend or family member that drives us crazy? Odds are you have. Sometimes, ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends or even someone you are already in a relationship with can get pretty crazy. They can start calling your phone non-stop, demanding to know where you are and who you are with. They can also become insanely jealous of your family or friends who get to spend more time with you than you spend with them. Trust is important in a relationship, but because […]

Korleon KOJ Releases His New Video I Miss |@Wazzuptonight

        Korleon KOJ has been on a steady ascent to becoming a staple on the Atlanta rap scene over the past few years. Well known for not only his music but his social media outbursts on Instagram, this Mississippi bred and ATresidesng rapper has all the tools to take his career to the next level. Never was the so clear as when Korleon hit the studio recently with Lil Uzi Vert and Fabo for a smoked out session. Previously achieving posts on DirtyGloveBastard, ItsBizkit, Boi-1da, TrapsNTrunks, ThatFixx, YHTN and much more,  Korloen KOJ has built a buzz well beyond his widespread reputation in […]

Peter Jackson and Chrissy Spratt take a Vacation | @Wazzuptonight

  Toronto, ON (August 25, 2017) – Award winning rapper and iHeart Radio Future Star Winner, Peter Jackson is set to release the second single from his “Married to Success” project, “Vacation” produced by DJ Marley Waters. The single features 90 Nickel latest signee pop singer Chrissy Spratt, who is known for her smooth covers of popular rap songs &  has over 3 million YouTube hits and a combined total of 50,000 followers on her social platforms. The inspiration for the single came from the idea of being on vacation, enjoying life and just having fun with the flow of […]