Wazzup Exclusive: Grey Hillz – Outta Da House | @GreyHillz1

Grey Hillz a South Bronx native,found his love for Hip-Hop at the tender age of 6. Hip-Hop is a culture which is comprised of 4 elements: graffiti art, djing, b-boying aka breakdance, and emceeing aka rap. Growing up to artists like Biggie, 2Pac, jay z, 50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mobb Deep, and othersGrey used his passion as a way to open a lane for himself into the music industry. Grey Hillzcame thru with a new singlejust in time for Christmas. His single titled Outta the House was producedby Eu.is, Glen Schaele and Mr. IPA GOD himself. The track begins […]

Wazzup International Spotlight: Fay Kendel “So Good”| @faykendel01

Wazzup Xclusive:  Feels “So Good” Stockholm, Sweden ~ The WazzupTonight International Summer Tour kicked off in Stockholm, Sweden to an array of amazing talent.  The buzz circulating this particular Saturday was surrounding singer/songwriter Fay Kendel.  I apologize for being so rude; let me introduce you!  “Fay Kendel” is an amazing woman who possesses a strong sultry voice,  trained pitch, and great vocal tone, which keeps it all intact! What more could you ask for?  In an industry filled with here today’s, and gone tomorrows; it’s great to see a Real Artist emerge from the shadows. With that being said, “Fay Kendel” puts me in the […]