Los Angeles, CA – If you had to guess what Tyga is saying with his face here – what would it be?? “Umm yeah, okay she was more than just a friend”, “Sh*ttttttttt they got me”, “Think of a good lie – QUICK!”, are a few possibilities that jump out at us! ūüėā Ha ha see! Outwardly, it appears that rapper Tyga has a new boo thang. According to TMZ, Tyga had dinner with Jordan Ozuna (brunette seen in the photo) at Serafina Sunset in WeHo Thursday evening. Not even 60 seconds into her 15 minutes of fame,¬†Ozuna’s already been […]

The Kardashians | Jenner Family | Timeless Shot

The Kardashian Jenner Family |¬†Heartfelt Group Pic _______________________________________________________________ New York, NY – Kourtney Kardashian posted a family photo recently on her Instagram, that’s enough to bring a World’s Strongest Man contestant to utter tears of joy. In lieu of the Thanksgiving holiday, Kourtney posted a picture that her, Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, Caitlyn (formerly known as Bruce), Scott, Tyga, four babies, a random African-American guy, and Kanye took on Thanksgiving day back in 2015. The photo is very special because¬†rarely do we get to see their¬†entire gang all together due to everyone’s hectic and busy schedules. Rob Kardashian appears […]

Wazzup Xclusive |Lil Wayne Reportedly HEATED over handling of Tyga’s Young Money Contract

Lil Wayne Reportedly HEATED over handling of ¬†Tyga’s Young Money Contract New York, New York – Young Money Records¬†is once again at the center of controversy. According to reports, Baby released Tyga out of the Young Money Records contract without consulting minority owner Lil Wayne. ¬†In most company structures, both, the majority and minority owners must sign off on acquisitions¬†or arbitration of any said contract. ¬†According to Lil Wayne, no conversation, nor signature was secured on his behalf! ¬†From the sounds of it; Tyga¬†would still¬†be signed to the label. ¬†However, the Gardena, California rapper was released, free and clear from […]