Wazzup Exclusive: Random Tanner “Long Days Late Nights” on Spotify | @RandomTanner1

Iowa resident and artist Random Tanner (RT) has been in the game for over a decade. After linking up with DJ K Yung who now manages him and new label MidSouth Muzik his new rebrand has brought in more than just a new name. After changing his name from Skeez to RT, he’s been producing and promoting almost a show a week for over 4 months nonstop. It was time to drop a new single under his new name and record label. The beat was re-done by Don Cruise of MSM and features underground house hold name Jelly Roll and Orlando’s Jon Young. The song is a […]

Listen to Smoke is Mota – Five Crazy Nights | @Smoke_is_Mota @Djsmokemixtapes

Chicago artist Smoke is Mota has been making noise on the west side of Chicago for some time. He is a part of Problems Make Visionaries (PMV). PMV is a team of individuals who have come together with the common idea to make dope music for the people. Don’t get it twisted, Smoke is Mota is definitely not new to the game. He’s done shows all over the Mid-West and abroad. His music has blazed the airwaves throughout the entire nation. He’s been featured on a number of my “Smoked Out Radio” mixtapes, as well as 100+ other mixtapes. All […]

#NewMixtape Fresh – Love and Confliction Hosted by @DjSmokemixtapes | @TheFresh615

  FRANKLIN, TN – Fresh isn’t just the name of one of the hottest up-and-coming young rappers in the U.S. It’s also the definition of his sound – a new take on hip-hop that he says is very much needed in the industry right now. “I feel as if a lot of upcoming new rappers all sound the same because of the flows that are hot right now and what people want to hear,” Fresh said. “But I don’t want my music to sound like other artists in the game. I want it to sound like my own style of music, […]

David Lyric is Wazzup Tonight!

David Lyric is Wazzup Tonight. Every now and then an artist comes along that changes the way we perceive hip hop and displays a distinct outlook on melody and life. Insiders say David Lyric is predicted to be that guy of the future, premised on his eclectic style, and diverse background. In the hip hop headquarters of Atlanta, the event photographer and promoter was one of the most desired in his industry promoting 3 different venues all while being contracted with ATLPics.Net and photographing many of the biggest red carpet events for A.G. Entertainment which captured celebs such as Drake, Barack […]

Rodrick Roc Releases “Don’t Stop Me” on Soundcloud

A young black man from a small city called Kelford, NC. Roderick Roc was born October 16, 1989 in Ahoskie, nc. He attended Bertie High School in Windsor, NC where he graduated from in july 2007. Roc joined the military at age 17 on July 2, 2007 army. While in the army he attended Central Texas College where he graduated with a AA. Also while stationed in South Korea he started recording my first mixtape then came back to the US and came to Tacoma, WA in 2013. Rodrick began doing open mics and saving up money to promote his […]

Indie Music Alert – Candis Aka @SheisHipHop

Indie Music Alert  New Music from Candis Aka Hip Hop  You Got Me ft. TK N Cash and Ambre Houston (produced by Flyin Saucer Productions)   IT WAS ALL A DREAM TOUR  IT WAS ALL A DREAM TOUR will set off on February 18 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Female hip hop artist Candis aka SheisHipHop will be touring along side Hip Hop artist and entertainer, Mickey Factz. The tour will visit cities throughout the U.S. and Canada with stops planned in Minneapolis, Chicago, Akron, Columbus, Detroit, Philadelphia, and New York City.