Wazzup Economic Markets | Snapchat IPO Makes Splash with Public Offering | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY –  The bells on Wallstreet sounded with cheer Tuesday  as the newest app on the block exploded onto the scene by announcing to the world it’s IPO! Snapchat, a social media messaging app wildly popular with young users under 30, has planted its stake in the ground by going publlic. The feat marks the most anticipated tech IPO since the introduction of Alibaba in 2014.  Today, there are more than 2.5 billion “Snaps” created in a single day by more than 160 million users. Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s CEO,  offered the IPO, complete with a simple how-to-guide which […]

PnB Rock x Fetty Wap x Dj Drama “Money, Hoes & Flows” Mixtape

Wazzup Tonight News Wire Philadelphia, PA – Philly rapper , excuse me! Philly Entertainer PnB Rock is no longer wearing hand me downs! Givenchy, whipping a Maybach, and “feeling like Diddy” is the Anthem we hear echoed from Any Hood, USA.  From Pastorius and Baynton Streets in the Germantown section of Philadelphia to the streets of South Central, PnB Rock is the issue! But today we are here to talk about “Money, Hoes, & Flows, a 12 track mixtape with Fetty Wap, hosted by DJ Drama. With enough star power to illuminate the sky, the project lives up to what’s was expected, […]

Tech: How Social is your Media? #WazzupTonight Exclusive

Social Media (The Scientific Method) New York, New York – Gazing from the window of the Wazzup Tonight corporate office, I push away from my workstation to notice everyone is either occupied by, or engaged on a handheld device!  An overwhelming realization came over me to how social media has slowly taken over our lives.  I pondered on the effects of social media; both,  the positive and negative adverse affects.  Equipped with a laptop, briefcase, and a week-long allowance to conduct research for this article, I sat out to the streets of Brooklyn.  To begin with, my mission was easy, “find out how social is media, really”? Abstract […]