Scoop B: Mr. Papers Talks “Transition,” Wanting To Work With Jay-Z & Co-Parenting With Lil’ Kim

Mr. Papers recently released his latest project, “Transition.” I caught up with him earlier this week and discussed being a Bronx lyricist, co-parenting duties with the mother of his child, Lil Kim and his newly released “Transition” project.   Scoop B: What inspired you to become a lyricist? Mr. Papers: Once my big bro “Gangsta” died July 1, 2006 was the first day I picked up a pen and a pad and got busy! That was my inspiration. Scoop B: Who were your biggest influences in hip hop? Mr. Papers: My biggest influence in hip hop would probably be Fat Joe, Jadakiss 50 cent, […]

Scoop B Interview: Afrikan Kartel’s Image I Schools On Health & Wellness Musical Treatment

Meet Image I of Afrikan Kartel. Image I has a unique gift of mixing music with medicine with a 360 degrees remedy for a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, Krishner has been a certified dialysis technician working in renal care for over twelve years.  He therefore knows importance of taking care of ones self can lead to longivity and a healthy body.  His music is a message of peace and unity while spreading the gospel of caring for the body, soul and mind as an integral part of the human survival.   Fresh off performing at The People’s Film Festival at the […]

Bigg D & Cainon Lamb Honored at Miami’s Jazz In The Garden, Tabbed As Producers Of Missy Elliot’s Forthcoming Album

What does producers, Bigg D and Cainon Lamb have in common? Well, for starters, the two were honored by the mayor of Miami for their work in music along with K. Foxx, Betty Wright and Uncle Luke at the Jazz In The Gardens festival in Miami. For those tardy to the party, Jazz In The Gardens is one of the fastest-growing jazz and R&B festivals in America. To be more specific, according to Miami New Times’ Cristina Jerome, the event curates a mix of artists who embody soul music, with plenty of new acts to provide a bit of flavor for the younger […]

Tech Start-Up VYRENT Gives Folks Opportunity To Rent High End Watches For $200 Monthl

One New York-based start-up tech company is making the process of looking and making your wrist hotline bling. Starting at $199 per month, VYRENT is giving folks the opportunity to access their favorite watches anywhere from one week to a year. Think Hublot, think Rolex, Cartier, and Audemars Piguet; they have it all! Joining VYRENT’s membership allows folks to rent and change every 30 days! Say what? You read right! Every 30 days! So you’re probably reading this and thinking: why rent when you can buy? Well, it has often been said that nothing compliments an outfit or makes a fashion statement […]

Checking In With Chef Extraordinaire Kateri

When it comes to cheffing, Kateri knows what’s up! A New Yorker at heart with her roots stemming from North Charleston, South Carolina, her calling card is in the kitchen. An owner and sole proprietor of Kateri’s Soul Sinsations, her cooking tastes are quite diverse: Italian, Southern, Indian, Asian; YOU NAME IT! Her cooking has also been the focus of several books that she’s written since 2014. Those books include: Vegetarian Vs Vegan Cookbook, Sicilian Cooking, Sweet Treats Cookbook, The Female Don Dada and Southern Soul Food Sinsations. “A good writer is a person who’s willing to tell the brutal […]

Scoop B: Lip Service Podcast | Stephanie Santiago Names Her Top Christmas Dishes

STEPHANIE SANTIAGO   Complex Magazine recently named model, Stephanie Santiago one of the top 25 Hottest Urban Models to Follow on Instagram. The social media star and co-host of Angela Yee‘s Lip Service podcast caught up with me on the Brandon Robinson CBS Radio Podcast, Scoop B Radio and discussed some of her favorite dishes to prepare during the holidays.   

Catching Up With “Sleeping Samauri” Fighter | Ki Bethune

Catching Up With “Sleeping Samauri” Fighter | Ki Bethune Ki Bethune is kind of a big deal! Currently ranked #1 in the state of New Jersey in his craft, what makes his story and craft even more interesting is that he competes while wearing a suit. He recently sat down with Wazzup Tonight and shared his story and more. Check Him Out: Wazzup Tonight: How long have you been in Sleeping Samurai? What is your rank in the state? Ki Bethune: I’ve been in Sleeping Samurai for six and a half years. In terms of my rank, I’m widely considered one of -if […]

Scoop B Radio: Toney Bellissimo Primed For Fashion & Culture Collide

Just in time for Mercedes-Benz’s New York Fashion Week, fall fashion is here. With crisp jeans, trendy tops and head spinning head wear being a must, perhaps a rising east coast clothing line may be of interest to you. Meet Toney Bellissimo. A global high end fashion line, Toney Bellissimo was established to inspire global unity through fashion. The Toney Bellissimo brand exemplifies quality, intelligence, and style.   According to the brain trust of the fairly new clothing line, with the name, ‘toni’ meaning fashion and ‘belleissimo’ meaning beautiful, the group found it a necessity to create a company that meshing the […]

Atlanta’s Apollo Releases BML

Last week, V-103’s DJ Kash and DJ Theory hosted a listening party for rising R&B artist Apollo at Atlanta’s SoundProof Studios. A collection of 5 songs, all co-written by Apollo, the project showcases his unique brand of timeless and ageless music, or “Space Music,” as he likes to call it. Apollo’s summer has been quite busy. It began with the release of his first single Tic Toc, which was produced by Cassius Jay. An admitted Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow fan while growing up, Tic Toc puts a modern twist on an old-school summer love song vibe. Additionally, it examines […]

Kennyboy’s “Reality Movie” now showing on Vimeo On Demand

From the producers of Reality Roast and Ultimate Player, Kennyboy’s Reality Movie takes the viewer behind the scenes in a parody of reality TV shows. Comedian Billy Sorrells portrays Metro, a young man whose recent release from prison starts him on a journey to find himself and true love in the most unlikely of places, a reality dating show. Surrounded by a harem of finalists, played by actual stars of current reality series, willing to risk everything in competition for his attention, Metro discovers things are not always as they seem. The network CEO is none other than The Man, leader of the New Pimp […]