Remy Ma & Azealia Banks Have A Catfight On Instagram! | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY — Upon reading the above IG post, your initial reaction was more than likely — “Uh, wth!? Wow..” Rapper/Actress, Azealia Banks, is widely known as being a bit problematic and capricious. However, there is a graspable reason as to why the “The Big Big Beat” spitter flew off the handle this time . . . Ouch Ouch (Martin Payne voice)! Yeah, now you see why Banks lashed out. The whole mess started yesterday, with Remy Ma‘s claim that before she returned home onto the rap scene, it was “tumbleweeds” at the time as far as female MC’s go. Well — the […]

Safaree | Fur Coat Vol. 1 | HOTTEST MIXTAPE OF 2017!! | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY — “Man I’m tired of these p*ssies like a old dik*, I had the best girl rapper on my gold mic..” -Safaree, Fur Coat Vol. 1 Yeah ya’ll . . . it’s like dat! As far as hottest mixtapes of this year—several projects have been the topic of debates inside of barbershops around the cities, such as Friday On Elm Street (by Fabolous & Jadakiss) and Gangsta B*tch Music Vol 2 (by Cardi B). However, WAZZUP Tonight‘s here to set the record straight and inform you that Safaree Samuels‘ latest mixtape (Fur Coat Vol. 1) is the most […]

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Nicki Minaj Starts A Feud Between Ellen DeGeneres & Oprah Winfrey | @wazzuptonight

Los Angeles, CA – Nicki Minaj has been busy lately…paying college tuitions, supporting Indian villages, and STARTING BEEFS! Ellen DeGeneres is probably the absolute last person you’d expect to be entangled in a conflict of any sort. However, while dropping by The Ellen Show to discuss her Billboard Music Awards opening performance, Minaj had some unforeseen guidance for DeGeneres in regards to Oprah Winfrey: “It’s time to start a feud.”!! Minaj appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday, and the conversation speedily turned to Minaj’s song “No Frauds” (her response to Remy Ma‘s diss record “shETHER”). If you recall, Minaj dropped DeGeneres’ name in […]

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It’s On Like Donkey Kong! | Taylor Swift & Katy Perry BEEF Heats Up | @wazzuptonight

Los Angeles, CA – Oh yeah, fireworks are popping … and we’re not talking about the 4th of July! 🎆 If you didn’t know, pop icons Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have had a “quiet storm” beef for the past several years. Well Katy’s recently released song, “Swish Swish” featuring Nicki Minaj, has not only increased the winds and downpour in the two’s feud … it’s brought it to a Category 5 hurricane!! Allegedly, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s conflict began back in 2013. A trio of dancers on Taylor’s “Red World Tour” had previously performed on Katy’s “California Dreams” tour. Later […]

“Ether” and “ShETHER” Combined! | Nas and Nicki Minaj Allegedly Dating | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY – Yes Jay, what is this you hear – “ShETHER” recipient and “Ether” deliverer have become one?? Well that is the latest tea! 🍵 Nicki Minaj shared a photo Wednesday on Instagram of herself and Nas booed up, fueling speculation that the two are dating. After slobbing down Nas in the “NO Frauds” video, there was slight hint of a potential romance between the superstar rappers. Between Nicki’s latest IG post and the recent surfacing of a pic displaying Minaj wearing a chain of Nas’, speculation the two are together has went from struck match to FOREST FIRE!! 🔥 Either party […]


Los Angeles, CA – I guess Nicki Minaj and DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club didn’t get the memo regarding Trey “Trigga” Songz – and the memo says that Trigga Trey ain’t nothin’ light!! In an interview on 105.1 FM today, R&B/Hip Hop superstar Trey Songz expressed his thoughts about Minaj recently coming for his head on Twitter concerning Remy Ma‘s accusation on “Shether” of Nicki and Trey engaging in sexual intercourse several years back. Recap: After “Shether” was released, the next day Trey Songz responded to Remy’s allegation of him sleeping with Nicki Minaj. “Even when you stay out of the way […]


Los Angeles, CA – Word Mr. Skeleton, for a sec we felt that we would look like you before we heard a Nicki Minaj clap back track!! Well all you good folks out in the hip hop world – the wait is over! the wait is over! (KRS-One voice). Nicki Minaj has finally responded to Remy Ma‘s diss records, in a new song entitled “No Frauds” featuring Lil Wayne and Drake. You’re probably saying, “Uh, wtf would Nicki do a Remy Ma diss track and feature Wayne and Drake on it??”. That’s a superb question and trust, we thought the […]


Los Angeles, CA – “What’s beef? Beef is when you need 2 gats to go to sleep, Beef is when your moms ain’t safe up in the streets; Beef is when I see you, Guaranteed to be in ICU,” (Biggie Smalls voice) Okay the Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma beef is not THAT serious, but it’s pretty damn intense. At this point though, the battle of the M.C.’s has turned into a circus and it’s to the point now where everyone is like “Okay, enough is enough. Everybody go home, sit down and Netflix & chill or something”. After dropping “Shether” close to […]

Shots Fired!!! | Remy Ma drops epic “ShETHER” track | @wazzuptonight

Remy Ma “shETHER”   New York, NY – Ring the Bells; Sound the Alarms! A four stage fire has erupted on the hip-hop scene with no means to extinguish the flame in sight. Remy Ma has the entire industry on inferno with her new diss track “shETHER”.  The track is a throwback to Nas classic beat from “Ether”, with Remy Ma throwing darts at Nicki Minaj for like 7 minutes. Nicki! Be careful what you ask for!  The verbal assault by Remy comes in response to an apparent beef started by Nicki Minaj with her latest tracks  “Make Love” and “Swalla.” which […]

Back 2 Back | Drake and Nicki Minaj reunite and makes good on “Family” values | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY – Well folks; I think we can finally proclaim and declare: Drake has “Nostradamus” in his DNA! Who doesn’t remember Drake’s Back to Back lyrics, when the rapper said that Nicki Minaj would return to the family after the Meek Mil relationship was null and void. Say what you want, but that is exactly what happened. On Wednesday, Nicki Minaj posted a photo via social media of herself and Drake apparently burying the hatchet that was once the hip-hop world’s hottest beef. The reunion of the FAM, was put together by Young Money label brass, Mack Maine […]