Wazzup Xclusive Interview| Memoryy “Turning the Page” | Synth-Pop

Memoryy “Turning the Page” New York, NY – If you were to look up the  Webster’s  definition of the term,  “Synth-pop” it would yield the following results…. SynthPop (adj) – a pop music genre that uses the synthesizer as the dominant musical instrument.  However, if you were to put the term synth pop in applicable use, Webster’s would simply prompt you in the direction of “Memoryy“.  The one piece synth-pop band comprising of a Mr. Shaun Hettinger, is slowly changing the culture on the popular art form. Far removed from the humble beginnings of catchy 3-minute songs, Memoryy introduces an intensive new wave […]

Wazzup Xclusive | The Cordova Band “Staring at Fire” | @thecordovaband

The Cordova Band “Staring at Fire” New York, NY – From my day’s of attending New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico; I knew one thing to be clear! A groundbreaking rock band would someday emerge from the desert!  On que, enter Stage left, comes a unique blend of five individuals with one common objective…. to make great music! The band I’m referring to is The Cordova Band; Oliver Charity-vocals, Erik Kurtz-guitar, Jason Reed-bass, Scott Guthrie-guitar,  and Davis Edmonds-drums. Armed with a new album (Staring At Fire), the band has put the World on notice!  Consider this your […]

Cordova releases Hey Doctor!

Cordova releases Hey Doctor! Check it out @thecordovaband

Check out Cordova performing “Hey Doctor” right from their studio in Las Cruces, NM.  Band Members: Oliver Charity- Vox Scott Guthrie- Guitar Erik Kurtz- Guitar Jason Reed- Bass  Davis Edmonds- Drums/Vox Keep up with their live shows by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Stay Connected with Cordova!!! facebook.com/thecordovaband/ twitter.com/thecordovaband Want More? Take a Listen! Video session. Watch ‘Hey Doctor’ from the link in our bio. #original #rock #music #video #live #diy #prsguitars #espguitars #peavey A photo posted by @thecordovaband on Feb 11, 2016 at 12:29am PST @georgecharity in the zone with @aston_mics #origin during this week’s video shoot for […]

Driving in New Mexico!

Driving in New Mexico

We’ve all been there, people talking on their cell phones, taking pictures, mad-dogging us, and outright being terrible drivers! Check out this funny parody of what happens to all of us driving in New Mexico! Video sponsored by the great people at Desert Sun Autogroup! Be sure and check them out at http://www.desertsunmotors.com/ Big thanks to Austin “No Doubt” Trout for making a cameo appearance! Source: NewMexi.co Cloudcroft Sunsets #newmexi.co #sunsets #whatsyournewmexico A photo posted by @newmexi.co on May 8, 2015 at 6:18pm PDT Hows it going New Mexico, hope your day is going well. #travelling #traveler #travelnewmexico #exploreeverything #everythingnewmexico #newmexico […]