Long Island rapper E-Reign delivers The New York Times Vol. 1 | @EReignESM

Long Island rapper E-Reign links up with Chicago’s own Dj Smoke to deliver The New York Times Vol. 1. This mixtape is led by 3 singles, Grands, Rags to Riches, and Shake Em Up.  We have covered E-Reign several times throughout 2016. During that time E-Reign released his “Future of New York” mixtape series along with several singles, and a handful of videos. In the past year and a half E-Reign has increased his buzz 10 fold. He did this by staying consistent, releasing quality music, being active in the streets, and impacting the net.  E-Reign has well over 100K streams of “Future of New York” mixtape series, not to mention countless […]

[Mixtape] Calico Blue – The Pursuit | @Calico_Blue @PromoMixtapes

 Calico Blue born Antoine Freeman December 7, 1987 in Jacksonville, FL is an American hip hop/rap recording and performing artist. Calico brings a refreshing sound to today’s music scene. He has a revitalizing sound in an era of hip-hop where much of the music sounds alike. Calico Blue has a deep hypnotizing voice that can be closely compared to the likes of Kevin Gates, Gorilla Zoe or Trae Da Truth. Before we get into the mixtape lets discuss “Glow” Calico’s first single produced by M. Geezy. Glow, the intro to “The Pursuit” mixtape is where Calico delivers a gritty, smooth and bold statement to the culture. This statement being that, […]

Seasoned Altadena, California Wordsmith Che Skizza Debuts “2000 Sumthin'” | @CheSkizza |

With an extensive back catalog of unreleased material, veteran emcee Che Skizza blows the dust off the crates and ushers in a period piece “2000 Sumthin’” “2000 Sumthin’” finds Altadena veteran Che Skizza digs deep into the music vaults and issues an album that will have the older Hip Hop fans chucking the deuce, twisting caps off twenty-two ounce beers and revisiting the past. On the album, the pit bawse runs over intense socially driven records such as “Corporate Amerikkka” and “Amerikkka The Beautiful”. We also see Skizza tapping guest appearances from Mr. West, Apakalips and Big Fats. Make sure […]

Meet K’reema The Princess of Dancehall

Reggae pop is much like the name, plenty of feel good rhythms with some fresh flavor. If you’re into the steadiness that comes from a familiar beat plus a dash of dancehall you’ll dig the boldly vibrant sound of K’reema. The songwriter and singer has entered the scene like only a select few are able to, by willing it. With a refreshing clash of Jamaican persuasion meets city style there’s a certain mover and shaker vibe that produces a fierce interpretation of herself expressed as music. It’s been circulated that the driving forces behind this young talent are the powerful mantras […]

#NewMixtape Fresh – Love and Confliction Hosted by @DjSmokemixtapes | @TheFresh615

  FRANKLIN, TN – Fresh isn’t just the name of one of the hottest up-and-coming young rappers in the U.S. It’s also the definition of his sound – a new take on hip-hop that he says is very much needed in the industry right now. “I feel as if a lot of upcoming new rappers all sound the same because of the flows that are hot right now and what people want to hear,” Fresh said. “But I don’t want my music to sound like other artists in the game. I want it to sound like my own style of music, […]

Wazzup Tonight - Taiyamo Denku Ft Knowshun -CannonHands (Produced By Dcypha)

Taiyamo Denku & Knowshun Fire On Feeble Emcees On “CannonHands”

Wisconsin emcees Taiyamo Denku & Knowshun shoot to kill on the Dcypha-produced, “CannonHands” Milwaukee’s Taiyamo Denku unleashes a new audio single by the name of “CannonHands” featuring Madison’s Knowshun. The song first started as a concept between the two at Team Backpack’s MUNY 2016. Both lyricists got their start in music battling within cyphers. Those roots shine all throughout the 4 minute plus Dcypha-produced head banger. The beat was originally crafted for a Sean Price song titled “Venomous Magnetic” from 2015’s “RadiOctave” album. However, the instrumental ended up getting switched out and was shelved up until now. After a quick intro, Cypha dives in […]

Video: @itsrivergreene – From me to you – Prod x Flygo

itsrivergreene – From me to you – Prod x Flygo In a short amount of time River Green’s music has garnered enough traction to earn him shows with national recording hip-hop artists T.I. & Tyga, airplay on WBTF |107.9 FM The Beat, and a 2015 nomination for Best New Artist in Kentucky. He is one of the most talked about rap artist you may not be talking about. Ye, when it comes to humble beginnings, River Greene knows all about them. From the start, the up-and-coming rapper from Lexington, Kentucky has had the odds stacked against him, a troubled childhood, […]

Music: @TwoCupEli – Lonely (Prod. By Eli Saf & Rashaun)

TwoCupEli – Lonely (Prod. By Eli Saf & Rashaun) Eli Saf returns from a year hiatus with a phenomenal single called “Lonely” Produced by the versatile emcee himself alongside producer Rashaun. Smooth verses with a Cudi flow one can only hope Eli Saf is back to stay handing out gems. Check out the hot single below Twitter: @TwoCupEli @I_am_Rashaun

Music: @Shyne_On_MeDC – Soul Of The City II

@Shyne_On_MeDC – Soul Of The City II On his third independent release, Shyne On Me leads a soulful journey through the inner- city streets of Washington, DC. The witty wordplay and soulful melodies that make up “Soul Of The City 2” give the listener a “best of both worlds” experience! With Gospel and Neo- Soul influences, Shyne On Me breaks open Hip- Hop’s barriers and welcomes a diverse audience of music lovers. Follow Twitter: @Shyne_On_MeDC

Music: @MusicByMercy – Coke Run (Prod. by Solidified )

MusicByMercy – Coke Run Swamp Thing has been pushed back until early next year. However illustrious keeps their promise with a new release next week and unexpectedly plan to drop a exclusive ep “Montana Lives Forever” from Mercy. To help tell his story, MeRCY looked for inspiration in “Scarface,” the 1983 movie in which Tony Montana (Al Pacino) stakes a claim on the drug trade in Miami. Tony eventually becomes the biggest drug lord in the state, controlling nearly all the cocaine that comes through Miami. In an unprecedented move, MeRCY decides to release a Solidified-produced banger called “Coke Run” […]