Ant Ohso Dank

Pain & Motivation Are The Driving Force Behind Ant Ohso Dank’s “Save Me / Skrilla” Remix

Massachusetts native Ant Ohso Dank enters the booth to unleash his struggles and determination and does so in a dual remix release, “Save Me / Skrilla” Ant Ohso Dank is an artist with a story to tell. You name it, he’s been thru it. From poverty, substance addiction, to the streets; Dank knows what the true definition of struggle really is. He recently debuted an official video for his reworking of “Save Me” from Meek Mill and Kodak Black’s “Skrilla”. Presented in a two part cinema with Javi Lenz Visuals, Ant visits these struggles for “Save Me”. He follows Meek’s […]


Jayride and Lil Sleep Da King Bring Their St. Louis Lifestyle To The Big Screen In “Aye”

For the second single off of their upcoming “High Definition 2” mixtape, Jayryde and Lil Sleep Da King pull the curtains back an offer a glimpse into their lives thru “Aye” “Aye” is not your standard release. Although Jayryde and Lil Sleep Da King create potent street records, their new single combines club elements to give it a dance vibe. Residents of St. Louis and it’s surrounding areas are already familiar to the two man ensemble. Aside from their previous solo releases, the two released their first group effort, “High Definition”, in 2013. The mixtape received a fair amount of […]

Last Wordbender

The Last Wordbender Powers Up Rhymes Via Drive Thru Goodies In “Fast Food & No Sleep” | @DjustinMcFly |

With the arrival of his “Rumble in the Rock” quickly approaching, The Last Wordbender teams with fellow Rockford native Jaime Perez to fully illustrate the lead single, “Fast Food & No Sleep” – “Fast Food & No Sleep” is the debut single from The Last Wordbender‘s official sophomore album, “Rumble in the Rock”. Once again, TLW taps DJ BrickRock for the rhythmic, Boom Bap explosion. The two have worked alongside each other reaching back to Wordbender’s freshman entry, “The B-Side Love Songs”. The song will have you clapping along to the beat as the Rakin sample states. The Midwest lyricist’s catchy […]

Sloan Bone

Sloan Bone & Horse Shoe Gang Slaughter Syllables In “Lyrical Murder”

s With the Horse Shoe Gang collective standing by his side, Sloan Bone destroys words and leaves no man standing in the “Lyrical Murder” video Best known from his discography with Mo Thugs, Sloan Bone takes his gift of flipping linguistics to the forefront on “Lyrical Murder”. That’s just the half of it. Sloane connects with the infamous Horse Shoe Gang collective and gives a stiff reminder to all who comes close. They are a force to be reckoned with. Sloan rhymes like his life is on the line over an intense, Matt Casket-produced production. He’s the cross product of Bone Thugs N […]

Izzy Strange - God's Got A Gun

Izzy Strange Battles Becoming The Devil’s Advocate On “God’s Got A Gun”

Izzy Strange and Casa Nada connect once again to spin a chilling tale of the saint and the sinner titled “God’s Got A Gun” featuring Mike Incite As the anticipation continues to vastly grow for the release of “A Good Day 2 B A Bad Guy”, Izzy Strange delves deep into our conscious minds with the album’s second visual presentation, the Mike Incite-featured, “God’s Got A Gun”. Casa Nada provides the perfect sound bed for Strange’s examination of two keys phrases. Those phrases are “everything happens for a reason” and “what is meant to be is meant to be”. Mix in excerpts […]

Penny Shaw - Questions | Wazzup Tonight

Penny Shaw Supplies Hard Answers In The Video For “Questions” | @lilpennyshaw

Queens, New York artist Penny Shaw teams with EQ Films to bring the ContraBAND-produced “Questions” single to the big screen   Earlier this year, Penny Shaw and ContraBAND premiered “Ill City Blues”, an eight track collaborative effort featuring the thought provoking single, “Questions”. The lyrical content Penny provides is full of realism, aspirations and vulnerabilities. Those are especially felt on the single, where Penny finds himself powerless against his biggest opponent; doubt. Backed by emotion provoking production from ContraBAND, Penny navigates his way through said doubt and discovers answers from within. The burning question now is how long while he remain free from the […]

Oklahoma’s Hottest Artist, Trapp Tha General Drops Another One

Trapp Tha General is the prime example of hustle hard! He is consistent with dropping hot music and is apart of the rising music group of “Oklahoma Up Next”. Another One is about living the life of a music artist and the grind of the independent artist lifestyle. Trapp knows how to work for what he deserves and the rest of the world should be taking notes. There is no mediocracy when it comes to Trapp Tha General. Watch Another One Official Music Video Below.     Trapp knows that he is well on his way to a success story […]

@RellJerv – Cold Winter (Produced By TheMak3rs) Directed By Jet Phynx

After a Successful private listening party at the Ristorante Marco for Rell Jerv’s Elephant In The Room mixtape with handpick friends and family and industry executives, The Makers drops the first video off the project Titled Cold Winter Directed by Jet Phynx. Check out the Video Below and share the future of Hp Hop with your friends Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @RellJerv

Pop Music Maverick Farrah Mechael Makes Impact With “Take You Away” Single

Music is an outburst of the soul. Music is what “Feelings” sound like. Music has the ability to convey that which cannot be expressed. Rising Pop artist Farrah Mechael creates musical murals with her songs. She has a mature soul with a contemporary attitude. Farrah approaches every note with fearless class. Her voice is pure and authentic. The multi-talented Farrah hails from Michigan. Her energetic drive and outgoing personality enabled her to showcase her amazing stage presence at many different venues around the country. Farrah’s music consists of lush melodies and well-sung, powerful Pop anthems. Her influences include music legends […]