Wazzup Xclusive |50Cent confirms Kenyon Martin vs. Tim Thomas Blockbuster Fight Card | @wazzuptonigt

New York, NY – The Fight of the Year is slowly growing to Epic proportions! First Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, then 21 Savage vs. 22 Savage, and now former NBA Greats Kenyon Martin and Tim Thomas. What a card? To think hip-hop Mogul Curtis “50Cent” Jackson was the catalyst that placed all the pieces on the board.   In the past 10 days’, 50Cent has taken to Instagram with up to the minute updates regarding the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown match.  Even though 50Cent said it was going to happen, things took on a whole new dynamic when […]

50Cent Confirms; Iron Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown in Epic Showdown | @wazzuptonight

“Iron” Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown New York, NY – Well if the Champ, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has apparently signed on to training Soulja Boy;  it would only be fitting if Chris Brown was trained by a Champ as well? Enter stage left, and walks in the undisputed King of Promotions! No, I’m not talking about Don King!  I’m talking about hip-hop Mogul Curtis “50Cent” Jackson.  50 is a bad man if ya haven’t heard. Just a flick of the wrist and he had former World Champ “Iron” Mike Tyson on the line with a declaration to train Chris Brown. Wow, What is […]