VP Records | Reggae Gold 2k17 | Reggae/Dancehall Mix

Reggae gold 2017 has this flow; the most popular songs mixed in with the new ‘must listens’ for all reggae/dancehall aficionados. It’s that CD you’ll listen in its entirety and not hit skip although you don’t know all the tracks. I’ve had the mix on repeat several days now and the vibe each single brings every time feels like a new experience. I’m the kinda girl with a playlist for my morning prep for work, putting on my makeup, getting ready for the club or preparing for coverage of an event; and this mix has managed to replace all these […]

Jamaican Mermaid Royanne

Jamaica is the Home of the Only Known Mermaid Royanne DeSilva

New York, New York – Being Jamaican is essentially one of the things I’m most prideful about. Our culture is infectious and being praised for your nationality can really feed your ego. I think it makes it even easier for us (Jamaicans) to visit or relocate to various parts of the world because we are almost sure there is one other Jamaican there or our music has already gone ahead of us to set the right atmosphere. One such Jamaican is Royanne ‘the Jamaican Mermaid” DeSilva. Royanne a graduate of the UWI, Mona through her explorations as an air hostess […]