Big East | Wins Distribution Deal With WAZZUP And $5K! | Interviews With @kimbremmer And @d_teck On WVIP 93.5FM

Manhattan, NY – If a picture is worth a thousand words, than that video is worth like a GAZILLION TRILLION words!! Perhaps the biggest talent showcase to be held in New York City in 2017 went down this past Tuesday night, and it was nothing short of a movie. “Mental Supreme Presents: “The $5,000 Showcase”. $5,000 (CASH) Grand Prize” – was held at the Nuyorican Cafe on the Lower East Side. The event was hosted by the legendary Mental Supreme and judged by Joy Daily, Kevin Weekes, Love & Hip Hop New York’s Lore’l, and WAZZUP Tonight‘s boss with the yellow diamond Konvict […]

Tally – The Next Female Rap Star | Discusses Being On Hit Show “The Rap Game”, Relationship With Sister/Manager Jasmine & More | WAZZUP Tonight Xclusive Interview

Los Angeles, CA – Everyone has their eyes peeled on Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma as a result of their latest rap beef/battle. Fellow female rappers Foxy Brown and Khia even snagged some of our attention by throwing a little gas onto Remy and Nicki’s fire. Brooklyn rapper Young M.A. is also making waves and putting on for the female hip hop culture. In the midst of all of this lies an upcoming rapper working fiercely, training, hungry, eyes on the prize ready to snatch that championship title away and sport the belt Clubber Lang style! That rapper is Talia Sagginario – […]


New York, NY – Who can forget the infamous second season of Puff Daddy‘s reality show “Making The Band“, which aired on MTV back in 2003. The most memorable moment may have been when Diddy ordered the newly formed band (members Eliot Ness, Babs Bunny, Freddy P, Chopper, Dylan Dilinjah, and Sara Stokes) to walk all the way to Brooklyn just to retrieve his favorite cheesecake! During the audition process for Making The Band 2, one hip hop artist stood out amongst the contestants, that artist being Mysterious. Hailing from the fierce streets of Detroit, Michigan, Mysterious created some of the most unforgettable scenes the show […]

Video: NOLA Artist Alfred Banks’ Interview w/ BBC RUSSIA (@UnderdogCentral)

  Following his recent Volkswagen commercial over in Europe, New Orleans artist Alfred Banks has kept his grind at a steady flow, so much so that BBC (Russia) travelled to his hometown to learn more about rising rapper Alfred Banks, During the interview, Alfred Banks talks about his current journey to success, becoming homeless as well as the untimely death of his oldest brother Orlandas and how this tragic event inspired his Ep A Beautiful Prelude & more.        

“The Yellow Tape” @PonceDeLeioun

“Tim Westwood Tv” is the movement. Ponce DeLeioun is one of a handful of artist & the only West Virginia artist to represent it. After 2 major freestyle sessions, Ponce DeLeioun & Tim Westwood team up to release the “Yellow Tape”. The “Yellow Tape” is a variety of freestyles & remixes over some of today’s hottest songs. This is something that will keep the HipHop Heads feenin, the streets rockin, & the fans begging for more. In addition to the dope mixtape, Tim Westwood gives Ponce DeLeioun a major Cosign in their recent music video release for “Hype”. So check […]

@PalayeRoyale “Boom Boom Room” Album Review

Las Vegas, Nevada ~ What Happens in Vegas, usually stay in Vegas; However, I would beg you differ! The Fashion-Art band Palaye Royale (brothers Remington Leith [vocals], Sebastian Danzig [guitar, organs], and Emerson Barrett [drums]— have embarked on a one-way escapade to stardom with no return in sight.  It was late 2013 when the indie rock group Palaye Royale earned a push pin on my bulletin board of hot bands!  The single “The Underground” from  the New Beginnings Ep, was enough to convert me from a journalist – to – fan! And a fan, I am! I immediately began tracking the engagements […]

Q&A w/ Sheven @Carlton_Sheven

Q&A w/ Sheven For those who are not familiar with who you are would you please introduce yourself ? Where you from?! My name is Sheven I’m 24 from KC, MO Who are your musical influences? Musical influences include Nas, Tribe called Quest, Jadakiss, Zro but recently I have been listening to a lot of Logic. Being from KC how is the music scene out there? Are they supportive of Indie ? Strange music runs the scene out here. But you do have your independent performers doing their thing. It’s not as much love as it should be that’s for sure. […]

Q&A w/ Gambino Li @GambinoLi

Q&A w/ Gambino Li Thanks for doing an interview with me ! So for the readers who don’t know who you are. Please introduce yourself.. Where you from? Wassup good people it’s ya boy Gambino Li from New Brunswick New Jersey… Where did your name Gambino Li come from? My last name is actually Lee just put a twist to it to spell it Li… and Gambino come from my team back in the day we all had a thing for mobster and mafia movies so we all took a name from there and it just happen to stick…… How long […]

New Year’s Eve 2016 NYC Jessie J to Sing John Lennon’s Imagine in Times Square

  For New Year’s Eve 2016, two-time Grammy nominee and British bombshell Jessie J will be carrying on an annual tradition live in Times Square for the New Year’s Eve 2016 Festivities. The artist, nominated for Grammy Awards both in 2014 and 2015 will be singing John Lennon’s Imagine live to the crowd. The Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment, whom are the co-organizers for the mega annual event out of New York will be streaming the live webcast, which will run from 6 pm EST 12/31/2015  and end at 12:15 am on 1/1/2016. For those that are not into […]

Wire Radio 24/7 own Ejay The DJ interviews Jason Bourne

Check out my recent sitdown with Wire Radio 24/7 own EJ The DJay, via FLOempire Radio in Times Square. During our interview I broke down my come up, role in the Platinum Boy Music movement as well as my work with a wealth of up and coming MCs in the tri-state area. Check out the BX J Reid directed clip below: Follow @WireRadio247 @IamEjayTheDJ @Basquiatlxents @BXJReid