Salma Hayek Blasts Harvey Weinstein Out Of The Water! | Says He Is A True ‘Monster’ | @wazzuptonight

Hollywood, CA — Yes, cheer on Salma . . . for today you are a bunch of women’s hero! On Wednesday, movie icon, Salma Hayek, came forth with allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment against shamed Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein; writing in a New York Times op-ed that she was forced to endure repeated sexual advances from the “Pulp Fiction” producer and . . . even received a death threat once from him! “The range of his persuasion tactics went from sweet-talking me to that one time when, in an attack of fury, he said the terrifying words, ‘I will kill […]


Manhattan, NY – Is it the shoes!!!??? (NBA Jam voice) That’s right folks, the illustrious Von Boozier Twins are officially in the designer shoe game. Antoine Von Boozier and Andre Von Boozier are two of New York City’s elite celebrity publicists, TV personalities/actors, and creators/owners of The Von Boozier Signature Lux Candle Collection™. The twins have even sang background vocals for recording artists such as En Vouge and Kelly Price. What can’t these two do! Apparently nothing is out of reach for the duo, having launched their own high-end shoe line recently. On Friday February 17, 2017, The Von Boozier Twins celebrated the launch of […]