Wazzup Xclusive | Lady Gaga Stuns Millions with Amazing Super Bowl LI Performance | @wazzuptonight

Houston, Tx – February 5, 2017, will forever go down in history as the Greatest – Superbowl LI at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas between the NFL’s two Conference Champions battling for the right to become the best Football team in North America. Well, Congratulations to the New England Patriots, and a Great Season to the Atlanta Falcons. Both are class Acts! However, the conversation that will linger on the minds of millions for the next few months will be in admiration for the powerful entertainment display by the Legendary, Lady Gaga.  With the score 21-3 in favor of the Atlanta […]

New Music Alert | Farrah Mechael “Feel the Same” | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY –  When the passion and desire for creating Great Music cross paths, usually the offspring will result in a constellation of Stars forming a bonafide Hit. On Que; enters the beautiful songstress Farrah Mechael, with her latest single, “Feel The Same”.  Produced by Mex Manny, the uptempo track drops just in time to usher in the new year with a Bang! The tune bolsters a crazy dope 808 drum pattern which compliments Farrah’s sexy, but seductive flow! Whoa! “Feel The Same,” is a cry for independence from a relationship that has definitely lost its fire! A situation that is all […]

Wazzup Xclusive | Paul Wall “Houston Oiler” Album | Instant Classic

Paul Wall “Houston Oiler” New York, NY – From the City of Syrup, comes our favorite pour-up King, Paul Wall with his new album “Houston Oiler”.  The 16-track album is the well anticipated follow up to the Epic Slab God project.  The project features classic flows from the likes of  Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Lil Keke, J-Dawg, as well as the color changing click CEO, Chamillionaire!  While many have switched styles to blend with the times, Mr. Wall relentlessly remains Trill to the brand of hip-hop that put H-Town on Legendary Status.  The title (Houston Oiler) makes reference to the National Football team that […]

Wazzup Xclusive: Dreezy |No Hard Feelings |@dreezydreezy

No Hard Feelings Chicago, Illinios ~ Since  dropping the  catchy single “Body” in January of 2016, Chicago born and raised Dreezy has been on a mission to overcome! Regarded as the Princess of Chicago Rap, Dreezy gives validity to the given title by going hard in the paint, and now the brush paints a platinum life!  And Platinum is where I expect the debut project “No Hard Feelings” to land.  An explosive, sensual, but trance like seduction of eargasm describes the adjectives I would use to explain the 19 track masterpiece.  Laced with classic punch lines and dope rhymes, “No Hard Feelings” takes no prisoners and serves as shots fired for […]

Wazzup Xclusive: Boss of All Bosses!! “Thug Thursday 3” @slimthugga

American King Houston, Texas ~ As I descend on the City of Syrup, I am met with an astounding #WhatItDew, and  #Already from the moment the tires hit the runway! That’s just the customary greeting from the stewardess at the airport!  From Hobby International, to I-10, the buzz on the street is S.L.A.B. (Slow, Loud, and Bangin) for those learning impaired! However, today I am on a mission in search of Thugga, better known as Slim Thug!  The Houston rapper has set in motion a release date for his fourth studio album  “American King” for early August; however, the buzz […]

Wazzup Exclusive: Jon S ( @therealjons) “The Green EP” X Prod by Kill Bighead

  The Green EP!  Houston, Texas – From the City of Trill and Woodgrain Wheels reigns native son @TheRealJonS (Jon S)! With the introduction of his third project, the “Green EP”, will solidify his place as a great musician with Superstar potential! Since his debut in 2013, Jon S has set fire to the rain with an eco-friendly themed production company Go Green Entertainment, which serves as the imprint for Recycle Good Music.  Tears came from making this dream, and the struggle been real to “Get On”!  With dues paid in full, Jon S. has created his lane by determination and grind.  And grinding has become a habit, with an arsenal of […]

Texas Rapper Blueboy Makes Impact with EP Titled ‘6pc’

  Blueboy’s a man of few words (unless he’s rapping) and a lot of action. He keeps it real at all times and that’s the only type of people he will align himself with. He is THA REALEST lyricist you never heard but is waiting to hear! His style is best described as a lyrical storyteller that invokes thought and incites crowds with substance filled songs that deal with real life emotions, thoughts, and dreams. He first started rapping during the summer break between 8th and 9th grade after breaking his leg and not knowing if he was going to be […]

Message from space

A Message to Space

Stephanie from Houston misses her astronaut father working at the International Space Station. Watch how her special message, written by 11 Hyundai Genesis, was delivered to her father in space. This message was officially acknowledged as “The largest tire track image” by the Guinness World Records. The question is, can her father see her message from space? Visit thier website to find out more about their story : http://www.amessagetospace.com Source: HyundaiWorldwide Our #GenCoupe sports a large air intake opening to help feed more cool air to the engine. A photo posted by Hyundai Motor America (@hyundaiusa) on May 1, 2015 at 10:00am PDT