Treach To Funk Flex | “Bruce Jenner Has More B*lls Than You” | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY – Hee Hee even Caitlyn had to sniggle at that one. Legendary rapper Treach has been going H.A.M. on his IG the past few days. Reason being? Funkmaster Flex done pissed him off something fierce!!  treachtribe F*CK MASTER FLEX, YOU STILL GOT 2PAC ON YOUR STANKING A*S P*SSY PINK LIPS HUH, YOUR NO GO ZONE HAS BEEN STRETCHED COAST 2 COAST F*CK BOY, YOU MADE MOIST!!, WE ON YOU B*TCH BOY!! Yeah as you can see, Treach is not playing no motherbleeping games!! Earlier this week, Hot 97 icon Funkmaster Flex went on a Kanye rant about the […]

Hip Hop Legend Pete Rock Speaks on New Trapper Lil Yachty!

  In recent news, Hip-Hop legend Pete Rock took to twitter to speak his opinion on Lil Yachty’s last freestyle on Hot 97. This is what was said: “They know he’s trash but they want yall to see that he is trash. lol” “They dont match the world that we live in making this kinda nonsense or not reppin the culture right,” They breeding these stupid ass fans with no f—ing brains. So we gonna have a world full of that?? Really???” Very displeased with the harsh remarks, Lil Yachty took his frustrations to twitter as well.   Later that […]

DJ Enuff (Hot 97) Hot Box: 4evaBreeze Brings Hip Hop Back To It’s Real Essence

4evaBreeze is a young ambitious artist who is gaining a lot of industry attention in NYC. He went from performing at different showcases, to being in XXL Magazine, and now he is working closely with Hot 97 heavy hitter DJ Enuff. Recently he got the opportunity to go up to Hot 97 and spit some dope bars on Hot Box. In this segment he addressed all the haters, spoke about his struggles, the hustle, and celebrating life to the fullest as he continues to rise up in the game. He definitely showed off his lyrical skills and the fact that he is the true definition of […]