Chinx Murder Suspect — Attended His Funeral Too! | Real Life ‘Roland Bishop’ | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY — C’mon, who could forget the infamous Juice scene when Roland Bishop hugged Raheem Porter‘s mom right after he gunned Porter down like a rabid dog in front of friends Quincy “Q” Powell and Eric “Steel” Thurman. It was a moment in black cinema that we’d never seen before, and it displayed to us for the first time how real the thin line between love and hate is. Well, there is an authentic ‘Roland Bishop’ in real life ya’ll . . . and his name is Quincy Homere. Yes, as you see . . . it’s real in the field! […]

Safaree | Fur Coat Vol. 1 | HOTTEST MIXTAPE OF 2017!! | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY — “Man I’m tired of these p*ssies like a old dik*, I had the best girl rapper on my gold mic..” -Safaree, Fur Coat Vol. 1 Yeah ya’ll . . . it’s like dat! As far as hottest mixtapes of this year—several projects have been the topic of debates inside of barbershops around the cities, such as Friday On Elm Street (by Fabolous & Jadakiss) and Gangsta B*tch Music Vol 2 (by Cardi B). However, WAZZUP Tonight‘s here to set the record straight and inform you that Safaree Samuels‘ latest mixtape (Fur Coat Vol. 1) is the most […]

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“The Get Down” Cancelled! | Sad Day For Hip Hop | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY – Hip hop just can’t catch a break. First “trap” beats takeover…then “mumble rappers” run amuck…and now “The Get Down” is through. The one TV series that brings you the roots and the very essence of the hip hop culture–brilliantly painting in living color the picture for viewers of the genre’s unparalleled beginnings, while simultaneously illustrating the ultimate love story, along with a display of the divine bond between friends and family …. GONE!!! After just one season, “The Get Down” has been officially cancelled by Netflix. Let’s not forget how Nas was KILLING the rhymes on that joint […]

ROMPER – Latest Viral Trend | What Is This Madness All About!? | @wazzuptonight

For all of you out there, that have been catching wind of this “romper” craze and are clueless as to what the h-e-double hockey sticks a romper is (cause we sure were in the dark for awhile) — WAZZUP is going to illuminate your mind. First thing we want to say is … what the [censored] is going on out there in the world?!! Times are drastically changing, and at times it seems like the state of mankind is becoming more off-the-hook by the minute. Well we forewarn you, this latest romper frenzy is certainly not helping the human cause. A […]

What ya twerkin’ wit’?! | French Montana & Amber Rose Said To Be Dating | @wazzuptonight

Los Angeles, CA – Word on the street … is that Wiz Khalifa‘s baby moms, Amber Rose, is dating “Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin” rap singer French Montana. Rose and Montana lounged together on the beach in Miami this past Sunday. The pair splashed around in the ocean merrily and even partook in a little huggy huggy smoochy smoochy 😘   Frenchie has been doing it ☝ lately — having bagged cream-of-the-crop chumpies such as Khloe Kardashian, Sanaa Lathan, Iggy Azalea, Trina and others. No wonder D.Chamberz is feeling like he’s French though! Despite all the chatter that’s been going on, yesterday on IG Rose clarified that she is certainly […]

Drake – You Are NOT The Father | A$AP Rocky – You ARE The Father! | @wazzuptonight

Los Angeles, CA – Who you telling Kendall, we’re blown too! About a week ago, a former porn star/Instagram model named Sophie Brussaux came forward with claims that she is pregnant with Drake‘s baby. Brussaux also released copies of text message conversations she had with Drizzy, in which he tried to coerce her into getting an abortion. In turn, Drake’s lawyers released a statement saying Brussaux was having sex with another famous rapper at the same time as Drake. Well his attorneys weren’t lying, because it’s just come to the surface that the other famous rapper Brussaux was boning aside from Drake – […]

“Ether” and “ShETHER” Combined! | Nas and Nicki Minaj Allegedly Dating | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY – Yes Jay, what is this you hear – “ShETHER” recipient and “Ether” deliverer have become one?? Well that is the latest tea! 🍵 Nicki Minaj shared a photo Wednesday on Instagram of herself and Nas booed up, fueling speculation that the two are dating. After slobbing down Nas in the “NO Frauds” video, there was slight hint of a potential romance between the superstar rappers. Between Nicki’s latest IG post and the recent surfacing of a pic displaying Minaj wearing a chain of Nas’, speculation the two are together has went from struck match to FOREST FIRE!! 🔥 Either party […]

O. Banga | The V.H.S. SERIES: Verified Hit Songs | Presented By WAZZUP Tonight

Celebrity A&R Dwayne “D-Teck” Grant knows a little something about “hit” records. The eyes and ears for Konvict Muzik, D-Teck knows a hit song like Lebron James knows Spalding leather. Cue a song up, hit the Play button, and within 5 seconds D-Teck knows whether the track is a hit or a miss. Submitting music to D-Teck know – you better move mountains within that first 5 seconds straight facts!! 💯 In our new Verified Hit Songs Series (“VHS Series“), we’ll be introducing to you hit songs by independent and/or unsigned musicians. What makes the “VHS Series” so special, is we’re not just […]


Los Angeles, CA – Word Mr. Skeleton, for a sec we felt that we would look like you before we heard a Nicki Minaj clap back track!! Well all you good folks out in the hip hop world – the wait is over! the wait is over! (KRS-One voice). Nicki Minaj has finally responded to Remy Ma‘s diss records, in a new song entitled “No Frauds” featuring Lil Wayne and Drake. You’re probably saying, “Uh, wtf would Nicki do a Remy Ma diss track and feature Wayne and Drake on it??”. That’s a superb question and trust, we thought the […]


Los Angeles, CA – “RIP G HERBO 1995-2017” was the tweet sent out by @WSHHMUSIC several hours ago. Apparently a photo has went viral on the internet, that allegedly shows rap star G Herbo – with an eggplant in his mouth! We’re not sure what in the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on, though some speculate the individual in the pic giving some sloppy top resembles the rapper. As far as it stands it’s arguably G Herbo, merely just a rumor at this time. As you can imagine, Twitter is going H.A.M. on the topic! Many are dismissing the accusation, while others have took […]