Scott Baio | Comments On Erin Moran’s Passing: “You Do Drugs or Drink, You’re Gonna Die” | @wazzuptonight

Los Angeles, CA – Come on Scott, tell us how you REALLY feel!! In a recent radio interview, actor Scott Baio spoke on the death of former “Happy Days” star Erin Moran. Moran recently passed away due to complications of stage 4 cancer. However when expressing his feelings in regards to Moran’s sorrowful and tragic death, Baio stated: “..You Do Drugs or Drink, You’re Gonna Die.”! Scott Baio guest appeared on “The Bernie and Sid” show on WABC radio Monday. Baio, who co-starred opposite Moran on the 80’s sitcom “Joanie Loves Chachi”, spoke his thoughts to the radio personalities on Moran’s passing. “My thing […]