Tech: How Social is your Media? #WazzupTonight Exclusive

Social Media (The Scientific Method) New York, New York – Gazing from the window of the Wazzup Tonight corporate office, I push away from my workstation to notice everyone is either occupied by, or engaged on a handheld device!  An overwhelming realization came over me to how social media has slowly taken over our lives.  I pondered on the effects of social media; both,  the positive and negative adverse affects.  Equipped with a laptop, briefcase, and a week-long allowance to conduct research for this article, I sat out to the streets of Brooklyn.  To begin with, my mission was easy, “find out how social is media, really”? Abstract […]

Heat Check: “Summer Bangerz” EP x Rotimi @rotimi

Jersey City, New Jersey – There goes that Man! To convey the title “The Man”, one must possess the accolades which accompany such a role. In steps singer/actor @Rotimi with his anticipated project titled, SUMMER BANGERZ.  Much Like his role on the hit series “Power”; Rotimi goes hard while injecting high energy and originality from beginning to end with the SB project. Can you say, “Mission accomplished”!  From the big screen, to recording in the bathroom, Rotimi’s work ethic transcends a candid ability to fill a void.  Signed to @50cent  G-Unit label, it is evident that Rotimi is here to kick ass and chew bubble gum! […]