SMOOTHE DA HUSTLER | Legend Who’s Worked With THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G., ICE-T, KRS-ONE, PUBLIC ENEMY And More | Makes A Comeback And Is Not Playing Games!

After a long stint of trap beats and weak a*s lyrics, Hip Hop is finally getting back to what made it internationally known and beloved – BARS!! Renowned rappers such as The L.O.X. (who recently dropped an album through their new label Roc Nation), have re-invented themselves while simultaneously breathing life back into the rap genre by providing it with inventive wordplay and inner-city essence. Other legendary rappers have too “come back” on the hip hop scene to bless it with heartfelt lyrics and soul clenching tunes – one of them being Smoothe da Hustler. Damon Smith, better known by his stage name […]

Recreational Marijuana | Latest States To Pass The Law

New York, NY – Who would have ever thought that weed, or as they call it on the streets that “sticky icky ooh wee”, would one day become legal and available to purchase in a store. Well that day has been dawned upon us, and now three additional states have recently joined the ranks, ready to cash in on what appears to be one of the next top multi-billion dollar industries. Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada, are three of the latest states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, though there is a catch. The passed recreational use law in each of […]