Wazzup POLITICS | President Trump Shouldn’t Scare You | @WazzupTonight

Los Angeles, CA – Donald trump appears arrogant, some might even say ignorant. Grabbing at everything but a book, blaming everyone (Barry) but himself, failing to adapt to a joke that just went.. too far– now he’s President Trump. Let’s talk about what this means for the country. Yes, Donald Trump seems feeble-minded. Constantly attempting to LOOK like he’s making moves.. instead of actually moving. Trying to appear to be making  progress instead of putting the put-put game to the side and actually making progress. Going through the motions for the attention instead working diligently for positive results. Desiring to be everywhere […]

Politics | All Talk No Action! President-elects message to Congressman John Lewis | @wazzuptonight

  Boston, Mass – Once again, the “Donald” took to twitter with vile insults and uneducated rants first thing Saturday morning.  On the cust of Martin Luther King Weekend, President-elect Donald Trump decided to attack Civil Rights advocate and journeyman; Congressman John Lewis of the 5th District of Georgia. President-elect Trump series of 140 character rants came as result of an interview the Congressman gave with NBC’s “Meet the Press” Friday. In the interview, Congressman Lewis questioned the legitimacy of Trumps Presidency and brought up the confirmed Russian interference with the election. That is where President-elect took to twitter and stated, “Congressman Lewis […]


Los Angeles, CA – Perhaps we’ll give 50 Cent a call, and see if he can arrange Trump vs. Streep as an under card on the Chris Brown/Soulja Boy fight! Evidently, legendary actress Meryl Streep DOES NOT care for President-elect Donald Trump. Last night at the 74th Golden Globe Awards, Streep was presented with the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. At a point during her acceptance speech, Meryl felt the need to get some things off of her chest regarding Trump and she didn’t give two shakes of a lamb’s tail who didn’t like it! “There was one performance […]


Los Angeles, CA – “The New Celebrity Apprentice” premiered last night, with Arnold Schwarzenegger taking over for President-elect/original host of the show Donald Trump. While we’re sure the network (NBC) and the show’s cast were looking forward to Monday night’s debut, apparently viewers/fans were not. In comparison to the reality show’s previous opener back in 2015, last night’s premiere ratings were down a whopping 44%. That means nearly half of the people that watched the show’s opener in 2015, did not tune in to last night’s episode. Critics are now trying to determine why the popular reality show took such a drastic blow […]

Kanye West = Cabinet Position in Trump’s Administration?? | Wazzup Xclusive

New York, NY – What do you have, when you add a Music Mogul, and perhaps the most powerful man in the World?? Hmmm,  A power meeting of what many speculate could be the set up for a possible political appointment! Say I’m Crazy? Well, I will show you a host of craziness that became reality in 2016! Fresh off a brief hiatus that was attributed to exhaustion, Mr. Kanye West made his way back to the spotlight early Tuesday Morning, by showing up at President Elects Donald Trump massive Manhattan Sky-rise! Needless to say, he wasn’t there for breakfast! […]

President Trump appoints WWE’s own Linda McMahon to run small business administration #PoliticsAsUsual

  In the aftermath of the most controversial presidential election in the nation, President Elect Donald Trump has selected Linda McMahon to head the small business administration of the United States of America. Former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment and wife to Vince McMahon, Linda’s interest for the position does not come as a stone cold stunner since she ran two failed bids for senate in Connecticut 2010 and 2012. What is odd though is the fact that during the primaries, Linda did not see eye to eye with her boss. She has even called his remarks “deplorable” and has […]