Sammy Adams – “Shining” | @SammyAdams

Fresh off a summer on Van’s Warped Tour, Sammy Adam’s releases his first single of 2017 that finds him “Shining” brightly as ever – Sammy Adams launched his career in 2009, from his dorm room at Trinity College in Connecticut with the track “I Hate College”; a remix to Asher Roth’s “I Love College”. From there his career sky rocketed, signing with Sony’s RCA label, and knocking out of the park singles like “Driving Me Crazy”, “LA Story”, “All Night Longer” and even appearing on Enrique Iglesias big single “Finally Found You”. Since he made the decision to leave RCA […]

Humanitarian of the Year| Who Knew; Ri Ri a Harvard Award Recipient? | @wazzuptonight

Boston, MA – Well, it seems Rihanna does more than “Work, Work, Work”, these days!  The reports are true; Ri Ri was at Harvard University Tuesday afternoon receiving the Harvard Humanitarian of the Year Award for 2017.  Looking stunningly in an off the shoulder Monse dress, Rihanna was all smiles as she excepted the award for her generosity and humanitarian efforts throughout the World.  Deservingly so! From purchasing radiotherapy equipment for the oncology unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, to launching global scholarship program through the foundation which helps residents of Barbados, Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Guyana, Jamaica and the United […]

It Takes A Nation of Millions! Women’s Resounding Message to Washington| @wazzuptonight

  New York, NY – On a Saturday that will go down in infamy, January 21, 2017 will be forever known as the day Women all over the World took up arms of unity. As the Nation watched the Inauguration of the 45th President, Donald J. Trump,  uncertainty and optimism grew in the eyes of a large majority of Americans. Thousands of women, many with husbands, boyfriends and children in tow, filled the streets of several major U.S. cities in an unprecedented wave of mass protests against President Donald Trump the day after his inauguration. Thousands of Women activist powered by […]

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Ms. Snakecharma sits down with David Banner!! | @Ms_Snakecharma @DavidBanner

  When an artist like David Banner speaks, we should all listen. Boston based DJ, Ms. Snakecharma, had the pleasure to sit down with David Banner prior to his God Box Tour in July which was presented by Tayla Andre, also featured in the interview. David Banner is an artist known for using his platform to make changes and to effect the thinking of the inner city youth. We need more artists like David Banner on the forefront, especially during these dark times. David discusses everything from the music industry to the real issues affecting the African American community daily. […]

Ms. Snakecharma's Top Ten

Snakecharma’s Top Ten Vol. 1: The Antidote | @Ms_Snakecharma

Ms. Snakecharma’s Top Ten Volume One: The Antidote.    An Audio Report from Ms. Snakecharma the Indie Reporter from 104.9FM WRBB Boston, Indie Report Show featuring her Top Ten Music Submissions from Independent Artist out of Massachusetts.    Snakecharma is known as the Number One pusher for Worldwide Indie Music. Her team in collaboration with 97.5FM are the platform for Indie Music in New England. This initial project was produced in conclusion of her first year of FM Indie Radio forced by Shang High Productions & Pryme Enterprise.    The Antidote is the fix for those sick of listening to the […]