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Dwayne Johnson | Rips Fan A New One For Bad “Jumanji” Review!

Los Angeles, CA — Okay . . . did you see how effortlessly Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson slammed and crashed that other wrestler through the table? Point in case — why would you want to provoke someone like this!? We’re not sure, but some super brave critic did and now he’s receiving the ultimate backlash for it. Critic, James McMahon, elected to take to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction towards what he deemed to be a plot hole in the “Jumanji” remake. And let’s just say, that The Rock was NOT feeling his review one damn bit! Even with 12.5 […]

Black Twitter: African American influence on Social Media | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY – Black Twitter is a cultural identifying movement on the World’s most powerful social media network, Twitter. The introduction to black twitter can be dated back to the wrongful murder of Trayvon Martin. The incident  rocked the African American community in the middle of already fragile race relations. However, it was the Mike Brown Case that brought National attention to Black Twitter as witnesses to to the incident broke the news via World-wide with a viral circulation of the hash-tags #MikeBrown #Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter. The awareness of Black Twitter campaigns have engaged conversations from harassment, to bullying, […]

Wazzup Xclusive | “Clueless” Actress Stacey Dash Ousted from Fox News | @wazzuptonight

 New York, NY –  In a move that came as a total surprise to many in the Entertainment World, Fox News decided not to renew political contributor and actress Stacey Dash contract for the 2017 season.  Signed by Fox News in 2014, Ms. Dash  was a permanent fixture on the program, “Outnumbered”.   The outspoken star stirred up a firestorm of controversy for her views and rhetoric on hot bed topics such as racism, politics, and even her own ethnicity. The rocky road with Stacey Dash and PEOPLE in general, picked up significantly after her profanity filled rant over President Barack […]


Los Angeles, CA – Yes, we thought the exact same thing you’re thinking right now when we saw this – “No way, this photo had to of been Photoshopped!”. Well this image was NOT edited, this is the real deal Holyfield! Yahoo Finance released a tweet last night about President-elect Donald Trump and in it included a “N” bomb, which in turn has set off an explosion nationwide. The Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacy organization that down right hates black people, were avid supporters of Donald Trump throughout his presidency campaign. The KKK held Trump rallies, spoke out to the press […]