Wazzup Xclusive | Uncle Murda – “Thot” ft. Young M.A., Dios Moreno (visual) | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY – These Girls look so good, but that mind is not Ready! My sentiments exactly as I think about a horse and Carriage! Brooklyn Rapper “Uncle Murda” has the World jumping like a ringtone with his anthem, “Thot”  which is burning up airwaves from Philly to Compton.  Fresh off a deal with G-Unit Records, Uncle Murda is expected to run the game in 2017- until further notice! No doubt, unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, you already know how my man gets down.  We’re all trying to catch our breath from Uncle Murda’s unbelievable […]

Wazzup Xclusive | Iron Mike Tyson, “Yes’ I’m Training Chris Brown” its Confirmed | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY – The only element missing from this made for the Big Screen Thriller,  is a date! I’ll bring the Popcorn! Best believe the Champ, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and the Mayweather Promotions team are busy at work on logistics to what’s turning out to be an Epic Slugfest.  In the last 72 hours, hip-hop Mogul 50Cent has reported a possible scenario that would feature, 21 Savage vs. 22 Savage, former NBA players Kenyon Martin vs. Tim Thompson duking it out; and Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown as the Main Event.  After Soulja Boy announced that he recruited Floyd Mayweather […]

Wazzup Xclusive |50Cent confirms Kenyon Martin vs. Tim Thomas Blockbuster Fight Card | @wazzuptonigt

New York, NY – The Fight of the Year is slowly growing to Epic proportions! First Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, then 21 Savage vs. 22 Savage, and now former NBA Greats Kenyon Martin and Tim Thomas. What a card? To think hip-hop Mogul Curtis “50Cent” Jackson was the catalyst that placed all the pieces on the board.   In the past 10 days’, 50Cent has taken to Instagram with up to the minute updates regarding the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown match.  Even though 50Cent said it was going to happen, things took on a whole new dynamic when […]

50Cent Confirms; Iron Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown in Epic Showdown | @wazzuptonight

“Iron” Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown New York, NY – Well if the Champ, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has apparently signed on to training Soulja Boy;  it would only be fitting if Chris Brown was trained by a Champ as well? Enter stage left, and walks in the undisputed King of Promotions! No, I’m not talking about Don King!  I’m talking about hip-hop Mogul Curtis “50Cent” Jackson.  50 is a bad man if ya haven’t heard. Just a flick of the wrist and he had former World Champ “Iron” Mike Tyson on the line with a declaration to train Chris Brown. Wow, What is […]

Get Ready 2 Rumble | Pay-per-view Celebrity Knock-Out Match; Soulja Boy Vs Chris Brown ??| @WazzupTonight

New York, NY – To be quite Blunt, The Sh!T has just hit the fan. Various news agencies have reported that a winner take all celebrity boxing match between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy is officially in the works! Can you say; Ratings, Ratings, Ratings!  Supposedly both 4-Time World Champion Adriene Broner, and Mayweather Promotions are reportedly brokering a deal for the fight amidst the rumors circulating via social media accounts on Wednesday.  Talking about the event of the decade. Hip-hop Mogul and Icon 50Cent has been dialed in on the whole Chris Brown and Soulja Boy feud from the onset and […]

Wazzup Xclusive | Gully Bop Meets 50Cent and D-teck

To The left Gully Bop’s Manager Kshoya, Center The Boss 50Cent and Gully Bop Himself     Not sure what is being cooked up but from the Looks of it there is something major on the horizon for Gully Bop. According to an article on Thefader.com titled How A Homeless Guy Became Jamaica’s Biggest Viral Star Gully Bop is 50 years old, and was rumored to be a drug addict, mentally ill, and homeless. Bop’s earliest looks were two jagged, cellphone videos uploaded to Facebook, featuring a disheveled man in rags freestyling a cappella, with a quick-lipped flow that recalled formative […]

@eazythedj – Wetrapmusic

  “We Trap Music” The brand name for indepenedent artist “@Eazythedj” platform for unsigned musicians. Founded in 2015, he came up with the idea for a website that featured mainly unsigned artist from all walks of life to help musicians get there music heard. His brand also includes dj services, blog placement, music videos & producing. He also released “Wetrapmusic” The Mixtape series which features artist from different states who proform at his annaul event “Wetrapmusic showcase”.  He has released 3 in the series . The 4th has no set date at this time. With over 40 verified stars and […]

Wazzup Xclusive|50 Cent’s “POWER” Shatters Rating Records| @50cent

STARZ Most Viewed Show Ever “Power” Exclusively on STARZ… Sunday 9PM ET/PT The STARZ Original series, Power, has done the impossible!  Within three episodes of season three, the award-winning series has shattered every standing record in dramatic fashion! With watch parties assembled in living rooms across America every Sunday, “Power” has returned unprecedented numbers. A tremendous feat for a show whom critics and network heads alike deemed as reaching its ceiling in season 2. Boy, were they wrong! Who would have thought that STARZ network decision to shift its original programming from Saturday to Sunday nights would prove successful? Not “I”, […]

Wazzup Xclusive|Young Buck x 10 Bodies mixtape| @youngbuck

10 Bodies Cashville, TN `Don’t call it a comeback, Young Buck has been here for years! Bodies, after Bodies, after Bodies; 10 to be exact! The “10 Bodies Mixtape” would describe the demand for the long anticipated mixtape project! The 11 track compilation of street bangers is hosted by DJ Drama and the infamous DJ Whoo Kid who by all accounts….. goes all the way In. With production by London on da Track, Zaytoven, Cassius Jay, Bandplay and Boss DeVito, the “10 Bodies” project offers an array of elements which displays Young Bucks complex Floetry. The G-Unit soldier goes ham on this effort […]

Tech: How Social is your Media? #WazzupTonight Exclusive

Social Media (The Scientific Method) New York, New York – Gazing from the window of the Wazzup Tonight corporate office, I push away from my workstation to notice everyone is either occupied by, or engaged on a handheld device!  An overwhelming realization came over me to how social media has slowly taken over our lives.  I pondered on the effects of social media; both,  the positive and negative adverse affects.  Equipped with a laptop, briefcase, and a week-long allowance to conduct research for this article, I sat out to the streets of Brooklyn.  To begin with, my mission was easy, “find out how social is media, really”? Abstract […]