Los Angeles, CA – Oh no Brock what have you done!!  Ultimate Fighting Championship and World Wrestling Entertainment star Brock Lesnar, may have jinxed the rest of the Winnipeg Jets‘ regular season. Lesnar got a special tour of the Jets’ facilities after their win against the Calgary Flames the other night. The only problem was – he broke one of the most sacred rules of a NHL team’s locker room! View the atrocity below: As you see, yes stepping on a team’s logo is VERY bad luck in the eyes of the players! It’s equivalent to NOT rubbing the wood when you first […]


Los Angeles, CA – After last night’s college football broadcast, most patrons in the ‘hood’ would say that Bill Walton is “Dat Dude”, “Lit AF”, “All The Way Up”, or “OG Triple OG”. During ESPNU‘s National Championship coverage of Alabama vs. Clemson Monday night, cameras went live early after commercial break and accidentally caught Walton self-promoting marijuana! In the below video, NBA great/commentator Bill Walton defended cannabis use as ESPN returned from a commercial series. Walton advocated for the declassification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug, and for President Obama to grant blanket amnesty to marijuana offenders. At the same time he […]

Wazzup Xclusive | MIKE TYSON – “ITS GOING DOWN” (SOULJA BOY DISS) | @wazzuptonight

MIKE TYSON – ITS GOING DOWN feat Chris Brown (SOULJA BOY DISS) New York, NY –  The rumors are true, Mike Tyson has just released a Super Dope diss track titled, “It’s Going Down” featuring Chris Brown. Although Chris HOT 16 will follow soon, Soulja Boy has to be concerned. C’mon folks; I can’t make this Shit up!  If someone told you 2017 was going to be lame, they obviously lied to you! Since Soulja Boy and Chris Brown decided to make their beef public a few weeks ago, a medley of crazy, unorthodox happenings has surrounded the hip-hop World. First hip-hop Mogul […]

Wazzup Xclusive | Iron Mike Tyson, “Yes’ I’m Training Chris Brown” its Confirmed | @wazzuptonight

New York, NY – The only element missing from this made for the Big Screen Thriller,  is a date! I’ll bring the Popcorn! Best believe the Champ, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and the Mayweather Promotions team are busy at work on logistics to what’s turning out to be an Epic Slugfest.  In the last 72 hours, hip-hop Mogul 50Cent has reported a possible scenario that would feature, 21 Savage vs. 22 Savage, former NBA players Kenyon Martin vs. Tim Thompson duking it out; and Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown as the Main Event.  After Soulja Boy announced that he recruited Floyd Mayweather […]

Wazzup Xclusive |50Cent confirms Kenyon Martin vs. Tim Thomas Blockbuster Fight Card | @wazzuptonigt

New York, NY – The Fight of the Year is slowly growing to Epic proportions! First Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, then 21 Savage vs. 22 Savage, and now former NBA Greats Kenyon Martin and Tim Thomas. What a card? To think hip-hop Mogul Curtis “50Cent” Jackson was the catalyst that placed all the pieces on the board.   In the past 10 days’, 50Cent has taken to Instagram with up to the minute updates regarding the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown match.  Even though 50Cent said it was going to happen, things took on a whole new dynamic when […]

50Cent Confirms; Iron Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown in Epic Showdown | @wazzuptonight

“Iron” Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown New York, NY – Well if the Champ, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has apparently signed on to training Soulja Boy;  it would only be fitting if Chris Brown was trained by a Champ as well? Enter stage left, and walks in the undisputed King of Promotions! No, I’m not talking about Don King!  I’m talking about hip-hop Mogul Curtis “50Cent” Jackson.  50 is a bad man if ya haven’t heard. Just a flick of the wrist and he had former World Champ “Iron” Mike Tyson on the line with a declaration to train Chris Brown. Wow, What is […]


Los Angeles, CA – NBA legend Charles Barkley, is infamously known for not biting his tongue and speaking what’s on his mind. From spitting on little girls, to throwing a man through a window at a bar, Mr. Barkley is notorious for having no ‘chill button’. Last night while commentating, Chuck came out of his mouth and in so many words basically said that the National Basketball Association (NBA) sucks!! Charles Barkley saying “”The NBA, to me, is the worst it has ever been” is quite alarming, due to the fact that he is a NBA Hall of Famer and […]


  New York, NY – Unless you’ve been hiding underneath a rock, we are all aware that rapper Lil Wayne is a huge sports fan. Lil Tunechi was so impressed with Green Bay Packer Ty Montgomery‘s first half performance today, that he stated he just may name his next kid or album TY MONTGOMERY! Wayne’s overwhelming excitement regarding Montgomery is quite understandable, giving that Ty’s 123 rushing yards (in only 9 carries) in the first half is the most for a Green Bay Packer in the first half since Ahman Green ran for 133 yards (in 8 carries) against the Detroit Lions […]

Danica Patrick | NASCAR Driver | Adding Wine Producer To Résumé

Danica Patrick New York, NY – For those who may not know, Danica Patrick is by far the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. Currently, she competes full-time in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, and in 2013 she became the first female NASCAR driver to win a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series pole. Aside from being a professional stock car racing driver, Danica is also a model, and an advertising spokeswoman. Now Danica can add wine producer to her list of accolades, for in 2017 she is releasing her new wine label “Somnium“. In 2009, Patrick purchased a property […]

Serena Williams | Shows Her Flexibility | Oh Yes Serena!!

  Serena Williams On The Beach     New York, NY – Tennis superstar Serena Williams is known for her mean two-handed backhands, dashing facial features, her superb figure, her special relationship with sister Venus Williams, for dating hip hop icons such as Common and Drake, and the list goes on, but now is she really a: BALLET DANCER too?? Serena posted a pic recently of herself in some awesome dancing apparel, standing in a stretching position on a ballet barre, perhaps while in warm up mode. Athletes are known to practice ballet as a form of cross training, in order to improve their game time performance. NFL Hall of […]