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   Leading up to the release of her much anticipated EP, “Bad Habits”, songstress and Staten Island native Rielle gives insight on her newly released project and her musical beginnings.


Rielle EP ‘ Bad Habits ‘


Wazzup Tonight Exclusive Interview with Rielle

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Wazzup Tonight:

How old are you ?


Turning 19 this month


When did you start doing music ?


I always loved music but I started singing around 9. I started seriously getting into it around 14 when I met my vocal coach Laura Monaco who got me into the studio. She taught me everything I know. I wouldn’t be the artist I am without ET Studio Productions.


Where are you from ?


I’m from Staten Island, New York


Why did you name this EP bad habits ?


I chose Bad Habits because I thought that it fit the EP best, my friend actually gave me the idea. I thought that the name tied the concept of the EP together, rather than choosing a song title off the EP


How long did it take to make the EP ?


It took around 8-10 months probably all together. I originally released Junkie off the EP last November. But at the time I wasn’t planning on doing an EP I just released the song as a single, but then as I kept writing I saw that I had a theme flowing so I figured why not make it into a project, so I re released Junkie as part of Bad Habits


Where do you see yourself in 2 years ?


In 2 years I definitely want to be performing more, collabing more, and just growing as an artist and getting my name out there. I’m currently in the middle of my album now and I can’t wait to release this project.

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