Aye if you out here running your mouth Ron Mac has a message for you, Stop Running Your Mouth!! Stop Running Your Mouth is one of the hardest songs to come out of Chicago. This song was produced by Proof On Da Track who is a native of Germany. Ron Mac decided to go with a producer from overseas to differentiate from the normal process.

The word play on top of the emotionally driven lyrics will take this song over the top . “Stop Running Your Mouth” is a direct response to this age of “Twitter finger’s , or who’s doing what, or who has the most money, the haters, and the naysayers. This song even speaks to the actions of our own President. Trump is known for running his mouth and making bold face lies to the people in our country. Again Ron Mac’s message to these types of people is straight to the point, Stop Running Your Mouth!!

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Continue reading to learn more bout Ron Mac. Ron Mac hailing from the East side of Chicago, The same place established and successful artists like Common and Kanye West grew up. Ron Mac is a Ceo of his own independent label, a clothing line as well as manages other independent artists. Ron Mac is a lyricist in his own right, he narrates compelling tales of street life , every day hustles, love, with the cries of revolution echoing in the background.

Ron Mac made a name for himself being part of a super group whom he established with younger blood brother Brennan Faulkner (G1) named ESA (East Side Affiliates). At the height of their popularity ESA performed all over Chicago. ESA is credited for working with some of the hottest names in Chicago’s underground Sinatris, and Beadz to name a few.

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