New York, NY – Who can forget the infamous second season of Puff Daddy‘s reality show “Making The Band“, which aired on MTV back in 2003. The most memorable moment may have been when Diddy ordered the newly formed band (members Eliot Ness, Babs Bunny, Freddy P, ChopperDylan Dilinjah, and Sara Stokes) to walk all the way to Brooklyn just to retrieve his favorite cheesecake!

During the audition process for Making The Band 2, one hip hop artist stood out amongst the contestants, that artist being Mysterious. Hailing from the fierce streets of Detroit, Michigan, Mysterious created some of the most unforgettable scenes the show had to offer; i.e. when Mysterious learned that her missing sister’s body parts were discovered in a garbage can, or/and when Mysterious blacked out and went into a rage after being cut and sent home.

Well 2017 is around the corner, and after all these years we’ve wondered where Mysterious is and what she is into these days. WazzupTonight had a chance to catch up with the hard spitting emcee, in an EXCLUSIVE interview that is sure to catch everyone up to speed.

WazzupTonight: Mysterious thank you for joining us! You are internationally known, after appearing as a contestant on MTV’s “Making The Band, Season 2”. Would you inform the Wazzup readers of what you had to do in order to get on the show, and how you were selected. 

Mysterious:  My pleasure guys. Actually, I didn’t even want to audition for the show! My God brother, “Nugget”, told me about the audition and suggested I go. I already had won best female rapper 2 years straight in Detroit, and he really believed in me. 

Initially I said, “Hecky Nah” (that’s a slang in Detroit we use to say “Hell No” lol) when Nugget made the suggestion. I found every excuse not to go, but actually the main reason I didn’t want to audition was because I didn’t think Diddy would like me. 
I refused and refused some more, however Nugget and my boyfriend at that time (who’s now my son’s father) secretly plotted to get me down there. They came to me and said we are going out to eat. Hey I wasn’t going to turn down food, what woman turns down food lol!!!!
So I get in the car, thinking solely about what food I wanted to eat, when in time I noticed that we passed all the diners and restaurants, just to pull up to a circus at the Fox Theatre. People were wrapped around buildings, outside with sleeping bags, the whole nine!
I said to them, “I’m never going to get inside, let’s just leave”. “Nope” was their answer, so we exited the vehicle and we began looking for someone that would help us cut the line.
Put it this way (smiling devilishly), I did audition and I ended up making it through 75,000 people down to the final 12.
WT: During “Making The Band, Season 2”, we saw a lot of wild moments on camera. Could you tell us in your opinion, behind the scenes, what was the craziest occurrence you saw off-camera? i.e. argument, potential brawl, fight, embarrassing fall, etc
Mysterious:  Hmm nothing really, pretty much everything was aired on the show. That’s when reality shows were really reality, nothing staged or scripted. All of us did something crazy sometime or another throughout the season.
WT: In your bio, it states that you were adopted into foster care as a baby, and that you were a ward of the state of Michigan for the first 18 years of your life. We’re curious to know, do you have knowledge of who your biological parents are? If so, have you ever met them?
Mysterious:  Well I didn’t go into foster care as a baby, my siblings and I got separated from my mom when I was 5 years old; my brother was 6 years old, and my sister was 4 at the time. Regarding my biological parents, yes I knew them throughout my foster care experience. Sensitive subject.
WT: Reportedly, you just came home not too long ago from a prison stint. Too us, it’s not important the reason why you went to prison. What is important, is what you took away from the experience. What would you say is the most important lesson you learned from your incarceration?
Mysterious: Prison was a blessing to me! It made me see more of the outside world than behind the wall. You have people who say they love you and would ride for you through thick and thin, though it’s rare to look up during your darkest hours and see them there.
I got locked up mainly due to suffering at the time from postpartum psychosis (which is an illness not really discussed in the black and brown communities), severe depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder. I knew I felt bad a lot, but I had no idea I was truly mentally ill.  
Trying to escape my husband and his mental/physical abusive ways, I ended up at a Marriott with two of my kids, one being 4 months old at the time. My four month old had colic, which means he would not stop crying. Mentally I wasn’t holding up, and I kept trying to check myself into Crisis Hospital though they didn’t provide me with the treatment I desperately needed.
At the time I was detached from reality, I couldn’t think clearly; plus in a total of 14 days, I only had 8 hours of sleep. Eventually I lost all control, and I ended up shaking my four month old.
After I realized what I did, I called the police immediately, and my son was rushed to an ER. I was petrified and heartbroken, because I never responded to any of my children that way. I remember when the detectives were asking me questions, I was so ashamed to tell the truth, but I had to in order for my son to get the treatment he needed to survive the injury.
Throughout my case and after obtaining psyche evaluations, that’s when the courts and myself discovered that my actions occurred due to sickness rather than malice or evilness. As a result, during my incarnation I made a promise to use my story to help others that are consciously or unconsciously dealing with mental illness.
Prison changed me, my outlook on life, and made me fully appreciate the small things we sometimes take for granted (i.e. opening the refrigerator when u want, or unlocking the front door and walking out). Prison too made me thankful to get a second chance at life, whereas I was locked up around women that are doing 99 year bids and such. The experience helped me see my true mission outside of hip-hop – to share my story in order to help save lives.
WT: Thank you so much Mysterious for your time! Before we go, would you share with us any new music you are working on or have out, and any business endeavors you presently have.
Mysterious: Sure! I’m presently working on my book and life movie entitled “Mysterious the Perfect Mistake”, and working on launching my own reality show. In addition I’m into motivational speaking, and also enterprising cigars, wine, and hair. As for music, you can find my new video – Mysterious feat. Lil Wayne” Hatin on Me” on YouTube. I’ve recorded quality songs since I been home, which are scheduled to release next year. 
I’ve only been home six months, and I’m in the process of accomplishing the goals I set in prison. Just know you will see more of Mysterious, and know everything I do is for the betterment of the one who has lost hope. I’m here to show that any negative can be changed into a positive, and if someone else can learn from it then your mistakes become perfect.
My Instagram is Mysterious _griseldablanco. Stay tuned and look out for your girl Mysterious!

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