Los Angeles, CA – There are 8 Natural Wonders of the World: Mount Everest in Nepal, Grand Canyon in Arizona (USA), Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe, Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Paricutin volcano in Mexico, Harbor of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Northern Lights – and NORMA STITZ!

Annie Hawkins-Turner, better known to the world as Norma Stitz, has the biggest boobies on the entire planet. The Guinness Book of World Records certified Norma possessor of the world’s largest natural breasts. Her stage name, Norma Stitz, is a word-play on “eNormous T!ts”.

Aside from a title holder, Norma is a world-renowned fetish model and website entrepreneur. Norma took time out of her very busy schedule to sit down with WAZZUP Tonight, in an EXCLUSIVE interview that’s sure to entertain and inform you.

Welcome Norma! We greatly appreciate you hanging out with us.

Norma Stitz: My pleasure guys. Love your site.

WazzupTonight: Norma, you currently hold the title, of having the largest (natural) breasts on planet Earth! How was it that you became a Guinness Book of World Records award winner, did they approach you or did you or someone you know submit your bust size to them?

NORMA: Yes, I currently still hold the title for the WORLD’S LARGEST NATURAL BREASTS. The year was 1999 when I was awarded the title.  I had been doing some work with Juggs Magazine, and overheard this woman on The Howard Stern show saying she had the largest breast in the world (a size 38H I think she was).  That’s when Juggs Mag contacted the book of records, got the paper work, and the ball started to roll from there.  It is a process, because you don’t know what you’re up against when submitting your paper work. A physical exam had to be done by my physician, I had to get 2 letters from my community saying I was an outstanding person, and I had to visit a bra shop to see if I could be fitted. I am very grateful, because so many doors of opportunity opened for me once I obtained the world record.  

At this point I’m a world title holder, a woman of color, and MORE than a handful all over 😉 For the first 6 months to a year after obtaining the title, I received a lot of mean emails because of my race and body size. From the support of my late husband though, I developed tough skin and didn’t let anyone or anything stop me from being who I wanted to be nor did I allow them to stop my goal(s) of reaching the top!

WT: It’s said, that your breasts have a combined weight of 112 pounds (each boob weighing 56 lbs) and that your chest size is a whopping 102ZZZ! Is that totally accurate or are they actually bigger than that (or smaller)? Also, who creates your bras or do you not wear them?

NORMA: I stopped trying to get an accurate weight/size on my breasts many years ago! Though some say, they are the size of a small child.  

Indeed they are massive, and they truly have a mind of their own. When I sit down, they take up all the room on my lap (without a bra). When I do have on a bra, there’s really no room for anyone to sit on my lap.  

I remember after birthing my babies, I was told possibly I shouldn’t breast feed because I might accidently smother the baby! I would hold them on top of my breasts and bottle feed them.

As for the actual size of my rack – if I did have the #’s I would only disclose that info to the folks over at the book of records, because if anyone is going to challenge me they’d have come in with their own numbers and not false numbers that simply try to top the numbers I’ve stated.

WT: You are a mother of two. Have any of your kids ever came home from school, and told you that the other kids in their school were talking or gossiping about how big your chest is? 

NORMA: Lol sure. Well the kids would say stuff like, “That’s your mom? I saw her on TV!”. Their friends never meant there statements in a bad way, they rather viewed me as a local celebrity here in the Arlington area.  

You know how in the neighborhood, you could go to a certain friend’s house and know they always had good food and that you could eat there with no problem? Well that’s my house, ALWAYS open to their friends no matter what.  

I was one of those parents that would chaperone school trips as well. All the kids wanted to hold my hand, but my daughter would shut that down and claim my right hand every time.  

WT: You are very intelligent, possessing a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree. Tell us a random fact about yourself, something that no one would suspect of you. i.e. a strange habit or hobby, a quirky personality trait, a fetish, etc

NORMA: Hmm one thing a lot of people may not know about me, is that I am a major homebody (that is when I’m not on the road). I cook each meal for my family members, and NO ONE leaves my house without breakfast and when they return dinner is served.

A little more about me, I had an awesome childhood. Mainly because I had one of the best role models a human could ever have – my mom. When I was 13 months old, my dad went to the store for bread and now at 59 years old – he is STILL at the store picking up that bread! We never heard from him again.  

I grew up in the projects in Atlanta, just down the street from Atlanta University. My mom worked 3 jobs to send my sister and I both to college. I graduated from Jackson State University with a BSW (Social Work), & my first job was a sales clerk at Hickory Farms. I then moved on to the IRS, Dept. of Education and Veterans Administration. After 15 years of government service, I walked away & moved to Virginia. Soon after I met my husband; then I started my own business. After 32 years out of school, I then went back and attended Strayer University receiving my Masters of Science in Marketing.   

My second calling I believe, is Comedy. I have so many personalities, and believe it or not people love all of them!  That’s one of the reasons I am known as one of the greatest role players in my business (fetish acting). It’s just natural for me to please others and carry out their desires.

WT: We can assume that when you are in public, people react in all sorts of ways. What are some of the funniest reactions and/or comments you have ever received while in public regarding your breast size?

NORMA: Lol well some of my funniest encounters, have been when someone recognizes me and they do a double-take. Recently this guy/fan that ran into me at Best Buy, had me sign the shirt on his back.  

A lot of people know me from TV appearances, so in public I give out a lot of hugs, hold conversations about bras with the ladies, stuff like that. Not all of my interactions in public are as positive, but I don’t mind because they’re still giving me attention. Hey my motto is: “When people stop noticing me I might have a problem and need a solution as to why”.

WT: Let’s have some fun. If you had to choose one male celebrity (that’s presently alive) to spend an intimate evening with, who would it be?

NORMA: Oh my putting me on the spot! Lol hmm, I think I’d have to say my celebrity date would most likely be: Samuel L. Jackson. He appears to be just as crazy as I am! He probably chews with his mouth open, and tosses out jewels of knowledge about self-empowerment.  

Yeah, that would be my date of choice.  By the way, I LOVE men that I can learn from, that can teach me something. From there everything else will fall in place, but you got to get past that point with me. GIVE ME A NERD WITH A LITTLE SWAGGER ANYDAY!

WT: Thanks so much Norma for your time! Kindly inform the WAZZUP readers of all your business and social media pages so that we can stay in tune with you.

NORMA: Thank you very much for thinking of me for this interview! It was fun taking me back over my journey. Here are my links you guys can visit: normastitzproductionsllc.comtwitter.com/MZNORMASTITZhawkins-turnermarketingteam.comusamadeforyou.commznormastitz.tumblr.com


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