the get down netflix wazzuptonight

the get down wazzuptonight

New York, NY – Hip hop just can’t catch a break. First “trap” beats takeover…then “mumble rappers” run amuck…and now “The Get Down” is through. The one TV series that brings you the roots and the very essence of the hip hop culture–brilliantly painting in living color the picture for viewers of the genre’s unparalleled beginnings, while simultaneously illustrating the ultimate love story, along with a display of the divine bond between friends and family …. GONE!!! After just one season, “The Get Down” has been officially cancelled by Netflix.

Let’s not forget how Nas was KILLING the rhymes on that joint too! We haven’t heard Nas spit like that since “Stillmatic“. Just another reason out of many to feel bamboozled and hoodwinked that they snatched “The Get Down” off of the air. To add salt to the wound, this is the 1st time that Netflix has ever killed one of its original shows after only a single season.

the get down netflix wazzuptonight

Reportedly, the show’s cancellation was due to its runaway expenses. “The Get Down” was Netflix’s most expensive series ever, costing them $120 million to produce that one season. It’s also been said, that the show received scathing reception and was under fire attributable to mundane content.


Creator/Director Baz Luhrmann tweeted his thoughts in regards to the discontinuation:

Empire” is over, and now THIS! 😢 It’ll be alright ya’ll…hip hop is in our hearts and souls, and they can’t cancel that no matter what they do.



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