Lil STL Photo Credit: Twitter

In early July, St. Louis rapper Lil STL released a video for his new single called, “Whitney & Bobby.” The video has been in rotation on BET and gotten 36,000 views on YouTube.

 “Whitney & Bobby,” zeroes in on drug trafficking and many things that occurred on the streets.

Check Out Lil STL’s “Whitney & Bobby”


 Lil STL lived in Alabama until he was 5 years old. While down there, kids in the area couldn’t pronounce his real name, Sedale.

“I guess it was hard to say,” Lil STL tells RESPECT Magazine. “So they were calling me by the name of my city. So, I just stuck with it when I came back to St. Louis, Missouri.”

Make sure to click here to check out the rest of his dialogue.

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