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Out now! Dancehall diva K’Reema drops latest album, Drop It, out as of June 30th. Just one week before the album release, the video for the single of the same name premiered to reveal a pop flavored party hit with visuals to match. Giving fans a taste of her latest hit sets the mood for the overall vibe of the five track EP, There’s plenty of upbeat action mixed for high-octane movement balanced with some more mellow songs thats are seductive or thought provoking.

The album name expresses a certain duality, as in the description of it in the physical sense as well as the intended significance in the announcement of the release itself. The single preview reveals an upbeat almost technicolor exaggeration that captures the vividly spirited songstress. Another layer of flavor revealed with the second track featured, “Nobody Move” that is also playful, but more so there’s a uniqueness that’s both freeing and flirty while also somehow familiar. There are several upcoming events planned in correspondence with the debut where K’Reema will make an appearance.

Stops on the in person visits include a few in her neighborhood, Brooklyn, elsewhere in NYC, as well as other U.S locations with additional to be announced dates in her native Jamaica. She still spends a great deal of time there and often collaborates with some of the country’s most notable talents, including her own father, Yellowman. The essence of her upbringing is laced into her sound quite naturally as heard in past singles including “Sorry You’re Not Sorry” and “Father’s Love” among others.
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