Los Angeles, CA – B-Rad and his crew! No doubt B-Rad is cool, B-Rad is down, but what happened to B-Rad when he dropped the “N-bomb” on stage at the rap battle – B-Rad got his heinie tossed into a garbage dumpster!! The use of the “N-word” by other races outside of the black race has always been controversial, and if not given permission (by the African-American(s) you’re using the term towards) the use of the word is the quickest and most surest way to get a Timberland boot upside your skull. Bottom line is – the word “n*gga” is a term of endearment amongst African-Americans, and an offensive, extremely disrespectful racial slur if used by an outsider. Well we’re guessing, that pop sensation Katy Perry did not receive the memo.

Reportedly, Katy Perry referred to a music producer and a group of his friends as “n*ggas”. Producer Mano, recently resurfaced a tweet from 2013, where he claimed that Perry called him the “N-word”.

Oh, but you know it didn’t stop there! Mano continued, “Y’all really are f*ckin delusional. i was in paris in a club with hxlt, ibn, plan pat and virgil was dj’n. katey was dance’n on my cuz hxlt. this was the day b4 Ye fashion show. while she was juke’n my cuz she started calling us her ‘n*ggas’ and we asked her 2 stop a few times. she couldn’t understand why and we had 2 explain 2 her that it wasn’t endearing and it was really offensive.”.

Hashtag WOWSERS is all we have to say. Not sure why this stuff with Mano is being revisited now, though recently Perry has been the subject of various conflicting stories. At Met Gala 2017, Perry sported a dress crafted by John Galliano. Galliano was arrested back in 2011 for publicly making racist and anti-semitic remarks during a drunken rant. On Monday, Perry also came under fire for comparing her “old black hair” to former president Barack Obama.

Katy’s wild n’ out!!! #FACTS ✔ Through it all, Perry has yet to release a statement in regards to Mano’s claims.




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