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Quincy Jones | Says MJ Stole, The Beatles Sucked & He Dated Ivanka!

Los Angeles, CA — “I hate to get into this publicly, but Michael [Jackson] stole a lot of stuff. He stole a lot of songs.” Quincy Jones   Indeed … that’s how Quincy set off his latest interview with Vulture! In an all out, gloves off, no holds barred one-on-one convo with Rolling Stone Deputy Editor, David Marchese, Quincy Jones spoke his mind minus a filter— revealing hard to believe ‘facts’ from his life such as dating Ivanka Trump twelve years ago to his bud Marlon Brando being intimate with Richard Pryor! That’s not even the half. The Thriller producer stated he […]

Bow Wow Says He ‘Hit It First’! | Claims He Had Kim K Before Reggie Bush

Los Angeles, CA — Perhaps, Bow Wow and Ray J can now release an “I Hit It First” remix! Shad “Bow Wow” Moss appeared recently on Hollywood Unlocked‘s radio show to converse on his dating life. The “Let Me Hold You” rapper stated in the interview that he previously dated Kim Kardashian West, but kept things on the hush because he had never before dated outside of his race. “I used to always see Kim with Paris“, Bow Wow explained (Paris Hilton and he were cool at the time). “Somehow we [Bow Wow and Kim Kardashian] got each other’s information. We […]

Cravetay – ATL’s Next Big Thing | Elaborates On “The Pop Game”, Timbaland, Boyfriend Stuff & More | WAZZUP Tonight Xclusive Interview

Atlanta, GA – No other place on this planet, is hotter than ATL right now. The Georgia city has literally took over — Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Rap Game, etc. Atlanta, is presently the haven for urban entertainment. You rap? Sing? Dance? Go to Atlanta. Act? Model? Juggle mini-chainsaws while jumping on a trampoline? Go to ATLANTA! Los Angeles and New York both, have had to take a back seat to the Peach State’s capital. With so many new artists emerging out of the Empire State of the South, […]

Big East | Wins Distribution Deal With WAZZUP And $5K! | Interviews With @kimbremmer And @d_teck On WVIP 93.5FM

Manhattan, NY – If a picture is worth a thousand words, than that video is worth like a GAZILLION TRILLION words!! Perhaps the biggest talent showcase to be held in New York City in 2017 went down this past Tuesday night, and it was nothing short of a movie. “Mental Supreme Presents: “The $5,000 Showcase”. $5,000 (CASH) Grand Prize” – was held at the Nuyorican Cafe on the Lower East Side. The event was hosted by the legendary Mental Supreme and judged by Joy Daily, Kevin Weekes, Love & Hip Hop New York’s Lore’l, and WAZZUP Tonight‘s boss with the yellow diamond Konvict […]

Tally – The Next Female Rap Star | Discusses Being On Hit Show “The Rap Game”, Relationship With Sister/Manager Jasmine & More | WAZZUP Tonight Xclusive Interview

Los Angeles, CA – Everyone has their eyes peeled on Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma as a result of their latest rap beef/battle. Fellow female rappers Foxy Brown and Khia even snagged some of our attention by throwing a little gas onto Remy and Nicki’s fire. Brooklyn rapper Young M.A. is also making waves and putting on for the female hip hop culture. In the midst of all of this lies an upcoming rapper working fiercely, training, hungry, eyes on the prize ready to snatch that championship title away and sport the belt Clubber Lang style! That rapper is Talia Sagginario – […]


Los Angeles, CA – There are 8 Natural Wonders of the World: Mount Everest in Nepal, Grand Canyon in Arizona (USA), Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe, Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Paricutin volcano in Mexico, Harbor of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Northern Lights – and NORMA STITZ! Annie Hawkins-Turner, better known to the world as Norma Stitz, has the biggest boobies on the entire planet. The Guinness Book of World Records certified Norma possessor of the world’s largest natural breasts. Her stage name, Norma Stitz, is a word-play on “eNormous T!ts”. Aside from a title holder, Norma is a world-renowned fetish model and website […]


New York, NY – Who can forget the infamous second season of Puff Daddy‘s reality show “Making The Band“, which aired on MTV back in 2003. The most memorable moment may have been when Diddy ordered the newly formed band (members Eliot Ness, Babs Bunny, Freddy P, Chopper, Dylan Dilinjah, and Sara Stokes) to walk all the way to Brooklyn just to retrieve his favorite cheesecake! During the audition process for Making The Band 2, one hip hop artist stood out amongst the contestants, that artist being Mysterious. Hailing from the fierce streets of Detroit, Michigan, Mysterious created some of the most unforgettable scenes the show […]