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New York New York,

Estelle was in the big apple on Friday, June 30, 2017 promoting her new single ‘Love Like Ours’ featuring Tarrus Riley. Her press day was held at VP Records in Queens, NY and the Queen was there to get the 411 from the source!

Estelle and Queen Bremmer at VP Records

Estelle chats with Queen Bremmer – Photo by Leisha Henry

Estelle describes Love like Ours’ as “… the record for the summer. Its a beautiful love song in a non mushy way, in a vybzy way.”

She said working with Mr. Singy Singy (Tarrus Riley) was easy and effortless; they created 2 records in approximately 2 hours.

Music was her only option as this was her passion and calling, “I decided at 19 that this is what it’s going to be but I’ve got to keep a day job. Then I got made redundant and it was like God kept shutting the doors to anything other than what I needed to do.” 

Estelle shared that it was not an easy journey and she encountered many obstacles but she knew giving up was not an option. She also said that it was people who believed in her, before the ‘big things’, who gave her a chance; that is why she started her online curated retail store, Elle-Vie  with partner Genelle Brooks-Petty.


She recalled that at one point “I literally got a phone call as I stood at the window like so am I gonna take all these pills or nah with a call that was like hey come out and dj, come out and be on the mic with me in Greece. I had my passport on me in my black bags in my cousins house, I was staying on her floor and I went. So that moment was my turning point and I never looked back. I was like okay God I’m here and I was like you got me and I’m never gonna disrespect you like that again. You got me.”


Estelle and Leisha at VP records

Leisha gets from behind the camera to snap a quick pic with Estelle

Estelle’s fifth studio album will be released later this year and although she hasn’t released the title of her project one thing is certain; this album is a reggae album! She says “this is absolutely a tribute to my parents and their love story and also an unveiling of how my mind works in regards to my relationships… also I wanted to do something for women in reggae music, in soca music, in dancehall that kind of carries on the tradition and also injects a new sense of pride. This is our (women) therapy.”


Estelle is not only a singer but has also showcased her strength as an actress in the latest season of the Fox series Empire and also made musical history with her duet Conqueror featuring Jussie Smollet which is gold certified and gained the number 1 position on the Billboard Top 200 Charts.


When asked what’s been her greatest achievement so far she said “I don’t think I’ve hit it yet.”


She encourages to “Look Out For the Light, caz there’s always a light. Just stand still and look out for the light.”


Checkout ‘Love Like Ours’ Estelle ft Tarrus Riley




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