Los Angeles, CA – Who you telling Kendall, we’re blown too! About a week ago, a former porn star/Instagram model named Sophie Brussaux came forward with claims that she is pregnant with Drake‘s baby. Brussaux also released copies of text message conversations she had with Drizzy, in which he tried to coerce her into getting an abortion. In turn, Drake’s lawyers released a statement saying Brussaux was having sex with another famous rapper at the same time as Drake. Well his attorneys weren’t lying, because it’s just come to the surface that the other famous rapper Brussaux was boning aside from Drake – is A$AP ROCKY!!

It’s been reported, that A$AP Rocky and Drake are both potentially the father of Sophie Brussaux’s unborn child. Brussaux was allegedly intimate with both rappers during the same time period. Either rapper have yet to release a statement in relation to the matter.

This is the second woman within a month, that has declared Drake put a bun in their oven. A$AP Rocky on the other hand, is theoretically dating Kendall Jenner AND banging Tahiry on the low. All we can say is – we don’t hate the player or the game!! ✊ Just step cautious fellas, thirst traps everywhere..



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