Cravetay wazzup tonightAtlanta, GA – No other place on this planet, is hotter than ATL right now. The Georgia city has literally took over — Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Rap Game, etc. Atlanta, is presently the haven for urban entertainment. You rap? Sing? Dance? Go to Atlanta. Act? Model? Juggle mini-chainsaws while jumping on a trampoline? Go to ATLANTA! Los Angeles and New York both, have had to take a back seat to the Peach State’s capital.
With so many new artists emerging out of the Empire State of the South, it’s become incredibly challenging to set yourself apart from the pack and stand out…similar to lit candles in the sun. In spite of a market oversaturated by amateur musicians chasing their dreams of fortune & fame, there’s always a select few artists that push and shove their way through the vast crowd, ultimately breaking out to become stars — one of those breakthrough artists is Taylor Jasmine Ahmed, known professionally as Cravetay.
Cravetay is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Cravetay began posting music videos on YouTube in 2014 and in 2015 released her debut album, “IMF”. Since then, Cravetay has swiftly gained a substantial amount of followers on social media and a ride-or-die fan base. In 2017, Cravetay’s popularity led her to appear as a cast member on Timbaland‘s The Pop Game. With air beneath her wings, Cravetay’s career is now soaring and doesn’t look as if it’s going to crash or make an emergency landing anytime soon. WAZZUP Tonight caught up with the illusive Cravetay to discuss her meteoric rise in this EXCLUSIVE interview!



WAZZUP Tonight (WT): Thank you so much for joining us Cravetay! It is totally our pleasure.
Cravetay: Hey guys! I’m so happy to be here; thanks for having me.
WTThe Pop Game — M-E-G-A! That is a serious boss move. Tell us, what steps did you take in order to secure one of the five slots on the show?
Cravetay: Social sites such as YouTube and IG have played a big part in my career. I started posting original content three years ago and built a large following on my YouTube channel. I really want to thank my loyal fans for spreading the word because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here at all! It’s true when they say hard (and efficient) work does pay off. In regards to “The Pop Game”, the production company reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to be apart of the show. I thought it would be a great opportunity so I agreed to it.
Cravetay wazzup tonight
WT: We must know, what major moves are you presently making!? Indeed the reality-TV show was a stepping stone to grander things—we’d like to know the aftermath and some of the things you have going on as a result of it.
Cravetay: Presently, I’m doing shows (hit me for tickets! lol) and focusing on the most important thing at this point which is recording my next project. I want to make sure I put ALL of my energy into the music first…everything else in conjunction with that, will naturally fall in place.
WTKalombo Records is your music label. Still in your teen years, what are some of the things that Mike Kalombo (head of Kalombo Records) does to keep you motivated, out of trouble and focused on the big picture?
Cravetay: Yes, BIG shoutout to Kalombo Records! Mike always tells me to enjoy the journey and work on my craft everyday. That advice keeps me going when the going gets tough. I appreciate all that Mike does and he does a lot.

Cravetay wazzup tonight

WT: Not too many people can say that they’ve personally worked with super producer Timbaland! What would you say are the main things you learned from him and how are you utilizing them?
Cravetay: Tim (as I now like to call him!) told me it’s more than just a microphone, and that you have to have the whole package. He too told me, to ALWAYS be ready. Tim is just the best and I thank the universe everyday for the experience of being on the show.
WT: Okay, fun time! We blasted an email to WAZZUP Tonight subscribers, stating an interview with Cravetay was coming soon. A few readers responded with the following inquiries for you. (Please, feel free to use ‘No Comment’ as you see fit, lol)
Cravetay: Oh gosh, lol. This should be interesting. Okay, I’m down.
Tyler asks: “Cravetay, did you receive any compensation for being on da Pop Game? If so, how much? 👀”
Cravetay: Ha ha!! That is funny. Sorry Tyler, gonna have to throw you a NO COMMENT on that one.
Michelle asks: “Hey Tay! Who do you think is cuter: Grant (Landis) or Ian (Grey)?”
Cravetay: Putting me in the hot seat huh Michelle! Lol, hmm…I say both. They’re both equally cute.
Lil Dave asks: “Cravetay rocks! Does she have a boyfriend?”
Cravetay: Pretty smooth Lil Dave, lol. But, yes I do— and his name is Music 😉
Cravetay wazzup tonightWazzup Tonight: Thank you SO much Cravetay for joining us!! Kindly, let everyone know where they can hear your latest tunes and where they can follow you on social media.
Cravetay: Thank you, this interview was awesome! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, & IG for music release dates and everything else. ✌ and love.


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