Calvin Ross

Calvin Ross

Strap into your seats as R&B sensation Calvin Ross offers up a sobering look inside his hometown of Jackson, Tennessee with “Where I Come From” –

When living life within the Jackson city section Calvin Ross has, you’ve more than likely been thru alot. To many, making it out of the hood is typically never an option. Ross shares a very vivid account of his harsh encounters living the fast life where he comes from in his latest single. Over a militaristic instrumental, the singer pours out his soul for shortly over five minutes. His songwriting skills are at an all time high on “Where I Come From”. So much in fact that if you close your eyes, you’ll easily be able to visualize the plot. The fast rising Tennessee talent creates cutting edge R&B music infused with just the right touch of grittiness that has became a driving force behind his fanbase. Listen to the gripping story of “Where I Come From” below.

Calvin Ross is far from a rookie when it comes to crafting hits. He first began gaining notoriety for Youtube cover songs such as his remix for Future’s “Honest”. He would later go on to release “Bad Fetish”, DhaOneAndOnlyBeats-produced “Bang” and the R&B/Rap fused “Ride” featuring Stack Plenty. The latter song has amassed over 650k plays since it’s release last year. With a tight-niched fan base backing him, Calvin Ross is poised for success and determined to become a driving force within the music industry.

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