New York, NY – Black Twitter is a cultural identifying movement on the World’s most powerful social media network, Twitter. The introduction to black twitter can be dated back to the wrongful murder of Trayvon Martin. The incident  rocked the African American community in the middle of already fragile race relations. However, it was the Mike Brown Case that brought National attention to Black Twitter as witnesses to to the incident broke the news via World-wide with a viral circulation of the hash-tags #MikeBrown #Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter.

The awareness of Black Twitter campaigns have engaged conversations from harassment, to bullying, and even racial tone deafness. It is through the series of hash-tags that most of the world were exposed to the images and stories about black victims of police shootings. In retrospect, the movement has given a platform to all things that pertain to the African American experience, which includes entertainment, sports, and politics.  As a matter of fact, black twitter was a major part of the drive for African Americans to register and vote in the November election.

Nevertheless, there has been some backlash and criticism from groups that proclaim the movement is pushing an agenda of hate. That is one charge that’s baseless, and carries no merit as the movement comes misunderstood by many who fail to see the positivity and awareness it has brought to the culture.

Black Twitter has become a major voice for the African American community.  In recent, other ethnicities and groups are joining in as part of the social media network sharing experiences related to their struggle or ideology.




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