Baton Rouge, Louisiana  According to police spokesman Sgt. Don Coppola A shooting on Wayne Drive on Saturday, April 22nd leaves Hip hop artist Zoe Realla in critical condition at a Local Hospital.


The altercation was reportedly around 2:30 p.m.Saturday afternoon outside of an auto repair shop on Wayne Drive and Winbourne Avenue.


Sgt. Coppola revealed that the case was still under investigation and the shooter had not yet been identified.


Surrounding the crime scene were about a dozen customers waiting for their orders outside of a sno-ball shop. One of the Shop’s employees, who decided not to give her name, stated she heard approximately eight gunshots.


“We just heard beaucoup shots. It was crazy,” she said.


A white sedan that was parked with its driver’s side door open was towed from the scene after detectives inspected it. Another white sedan had all of its doors and trunk open.


Police discovered two white sedans parked the first one was found with the driver’s door open, while the second was found with all it’s doors and trunk open. Detectives would later have both vehicles impounded.


We will keep you informed of Zoe Realla’s condition as soon as we hear more information.


Source: The Advocate




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