New Music | NATALAC drops 10th Studio Album “Pimp in the City” | @wazzuptonight

Natalac Keeps the Pimp Hop Flowing with 10th Studio Album Miami, FL–  True artistry comes with innovation and a talent that’s been making noise since the 90’s. With hip hop in his blood, veteran emcee, Natalac wanted something more from his rhymes and thus – pimp hop was born. Since it’s birth, pimp hop has led this rapper on one wild ride that’s had him everywhere from BET to an animated hit series. One of his biggest songs to date, “Pimp of the City” garnered him attention from BET and with that came airplay in the Carolinas. His music is […]

New Music Alert | Troy Ave Making Comeback Since Brooklyn Shooting | @wazzuptonight

  Miami, FL- While TROY AVE recovers from a shooting in Brooklyn and facing trial on the Irving Plaza shooting, he’s making a comeback. He brings the heat with the Texas based HUSTLER E on ‘CROOKLYN TO WACOCAINE’. The collabo between the two hustlers, one from the South & the other from the East, is to show solidarity of the streets. HUSTLER E, the creator of the ‘hood classic’ film ‘WACOCAINE’ says about the new collaboration, “Troy Ave is out there doing his thing, & above all the drama & controversy is an independent artist breaking out of the streets, […]

New Music Alert | DJ DB405 Drops New Album | @wazzuptonight

  Miami, FL – DJ DB405 formally known as DJ Dramaboi is changing and pushing the hip hop culture in a positive way. In a industry filled with negativity he longs for a culture that inspires and enlightens the youth of today. DJ DB405’s latest album is titled Lapwing Rd. after the street he grew up on in Edmond, Oklahoma. Edmond is a small city within Oklahoma City’s metro area. This is the place where he first realized his passion for music and knew it was what he would pursue as a career. Edmond was where it all began before […]

New Music Alert | Fresh Sounds From Baltimore’s Ron Wave | @wazzuptonight

Miami, FL- Ron Wave spent time in sunny California growing up, but make no mistake he is Baltimore to the core. The Baltimore native was born to entertain. Ron grew up acting in commercials and television shows.  He then made the most serious move of his career transitioning into music, straight to the microphone. Somewhere around his sophomore year, he made changes from being the crazy-guy to getting serious & studying the frequencies and vibrations we all vibe on collectively. Learning the components of music was very important to Ron. He learned the importance of energy, its karmic relationship between humanity and life all around us. This […]

New Music Alert | New hit by Miami hip-hop recording artist WayOn | @wazzuptonight

Miami, FL- Camp Inc. Records presents the new single “Oh My” by Miami hip-hop artist WayOn, produced by Rock Boy Beats. This will be the first release after their Fall 2016 deal with Sony Music’s global distribution network, The Orchard. “Oh My” is now available for purchase/download via iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, Spotify and Sound Cloud. “Oh My” is the latest and second release by WayOn, his first titled “Slow Motion. “Slow Motion” was released under Snoop Dogg’s label Doggystyle Records and garnered a lot of attention from his fans and the media. His newest single references life events and situations in which the most suitable response […]

New Music Alert | Willie Ozee bringing fresh new music | @wazzuptonight

Miami, FL – Camp Inc. Records is excited to announce that as of November 2016, they have a newly formed partnership with Broward County label ABM Entertainment. Camp Inc. Records will be working with recording artist Willie Ozee from ABM Entertainment assisting in the release of his new single “Ready,” produced by Broward super producers Roj and Twinkie. This comes on the heels of Camp Inc. signing a distribution deal with Sony Music’s network, The Orchard. Willie Ozee brings a fresh sound of quality music to the airwaves. Listeners will  vibe while bobbing their heads to his song “Ready.” Willie brings originality plus […]

New Music Alert | Kna Lo Venge No Stranger To The Industry | @wazzuptonight

Miami, FL – Repping Queens, NY, veteran Kna-Lo has a pretty dope resume to say the least, he has worked hard to perfect his craft. He has worked with some of the greats such as Prince, Michael Jackson, AZ, Mop, Royal Flush, Jill Jones, Jerome Benton, Brent Carter, Lil Scrappy, DJ Clark Kent, Wu-Tang Clan, Sunz of Man, Baby Paul, SPK, D/R Period, DJ Absolute, Shampoo, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Big Pun, Daddy Yankee. to name a few. Kna-Lo is ready to create his own wave with singles such as “ROLLERCOASTER” feat Brent Carter and  “What would I Say”, a […]

Virginia Rapper Blue Store Chucky Has The “Juice”

With an impeccable delivery and unmatched cadence, Petersburg, Virginia based rapper Blue Store Chucky storms the Hip hop scene with unique passion and creativity. His music combines raw intensity and originality with hard hitting beats. The dynamic rhyme slinger has truly lived a tough life and his music conveys an element of “truth” and “realness.”   Everything he has seen, done, felt, heard, been through, witnessed, and knows goes into his music. His music is the manifestation of all of his pain and all his joy. Blue Store Chucky’s unique selling proposition is that he stays to true to his essence. His current […]

Young And The Restless | Daytime Series | Stands The Test Of Time!

Since the age of 3, I remember watching The Young And The Restless with my grandmother and mom. It became a tradition. I am sure a lot more women have similar stories. The Young and the Restless revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. The Newman’s and Abbots primarily run the city and the lives of a wide variety of characters of all ethnicities. The show touches on a lot of real life topics such as loss, addiction, joy, crime and more. It keeps you on the edge of […]

David Lyric is Wazzup Tonight!

David Lyric is Wazzup Tonight. Every now and then an artist comes along that changes the way we perceive hip hop and displays a distinct outlook on melody and life. Insiders say David Lyric is predicted to be that guy of the future, premised on his eclectic style, and diverse background. In the hip hop headquarters of Atlanta, the event photographer and promoter was one of the most desired in his industry promoting 3 different venues all while being contracted with ATLPics.Net and photographing many of the biggest red carpet events for A.G. Entertainment which captured celebs such as Drake, Barack […]