a-rod jennifer lopez wazzuptonight

a-rod jennifer lopez wazzuptonightLos Angeles, CA – For real, anyone stupid enough to cheat on Jennifer Lopez deserves to be kicked extremely hard up the rectum with steel-toe construction boots on! 😄 Serious, ya’ll don’t remember this:

a-rod jennifer lopez wazzuptonighta-rod jennifer lopez wazzuptonigh

Yeah…we bet you remember NOW huh! JLo is the truth, was the truth and will always be the truth; so when we heard that Alex Rodriguez was potentially two-timing her, we thought “damn, for all dat she might as well had given Diddy a second chance!”. A new report claims that A-Rod might be unfaithful and cheating on Lopez with a woman named Lauren Hunter (who provided screenshots of text messages between herself and the baseball star to The National Enquirer).

“I don’t think he’s sexually attracted to her. In bed with J.Lo, he’s probably picturing me. He likes me to always wear heels and lingerie and outfits, dress up as a schoolgirl. All the things I would do with him I wouldn’t do with anyone else,” Lauren Hunter told Radar, adding that Lopez “would be an idiot to believe he’d be faithful!”. Hunter also alleged that Rodriguez bashed “Jenny from the block” to her, by referring to Lopez as a “40-something woman”.

The timing is awfully coincidental, especially since In Touch revealed this week that Ben Affleck (Jen’s ex-boyfriend) has been trying to convince her that her athlete boyfriend is bad news. “Seeing Jennifer happy again with someone else has made him realize that he wants her back. Ben’s been reaching out to her in hopes that they can reconnect,” says a source close to the actor, adding “he’s been trying to convince Jennifer that Alex is trouble.”.

a-rod jennifer lopez wazzuptonight

Up to this point, A-Rod cheating on JLo is merely speculation. Hopefully, all remains well between the two.







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